Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Investigation Case 011-2017 "Board Camp Crystal Mine"

Investigative File Case 011-2017 "Board Camp Crystal Mine"

Closed Case File: 011-2017
Location: SE Oklahoma (Polk County, Arkansas)

Case Type: Long Term Paranormal/Sasquatch Activity

Time Frame: 2017 (Feburary)

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This investigator was contacted by a mutual friend that had visited the property in earlier 2017, this friend had informed this investigator of the supernatural events that occurred at the property during his visit. I was familiar with the on-goings at the property due to it being so close to the SE Oklahoma state line. I had heard of the strange events on the property from several individuals that live in the area. The reports of Sasquatch sightings and activity are numerous since the late 1900s.

I was introduced to the landowner by this mutual friend, and made contact with the landowner and a site visit was scheduled.

On October 1st, 2017 another investigator and myself arrived to conduct the site visit. During the "get to know" the landowners it was immediately apparent that myself and the landowner (husband) new same people and locations during our employment. "Small world".

This day and night of the site visit proved to be something this investigator will never forget. A tour of the property was conducted by the landowners (Husband and wife). It was in my observation that they have visual evidence of Sasquatch activity on their property. Stick structures and bent small tree limbs that have been associated with Sasquatch from previous investigations and personal observations. During the night investigation myself and the landowner was walking on the furthest southern road of the property when we stopped to take in the surrounding area. I for unknown reason turned and looked up about 13-15 feet in the air and observed a medium sized rock (pic included) suspended in the air, soon as my eyes made contact with the rock it immediately fell straight down and hit the road. It was not spinning or rotating as if it had been thrown it was just suspended for a split second and fell. I have never observed this type of event. This investigator is not making any claims of any type of supernatural event. It is a observation of what had happened. Later in the evening there were sounds and movements in the woods that indicated Sasquatch type activity. This concluded this date's site visit.

On October 13th, 2017 this investigator was asked to return to assist the landowners with a group of paranormal investigators that were in town to conduct a "town hall" meeting and do some filming for a project, This investigator was onsite from October 13th thru October 15th 2017.

Through this time period several unexplained phenomenon occurred that can only be described as paranormal in nature. This investigator has many years personal experience with the unexplained, supernatural and paranormal as some described. However on the last night the film crew/team (6 total members) myself and one other member of the team stayed in an area above the rest of the team conducting a filming/investigation down below a ridge line. I was observing movements around myself and the other team member. I was pointing out to the team member that we had movement that was associated with Sasquatch and demonstrated what and how to spot the movement. It was brief and very subtle. The team member said "I am seeing eyehsine or what?" I looked into the location where he was looking and I observed several sets of eyeshine that are associated with Sasquatch activity. Out of the corner of my eye, no more than 20-30 yards away I observed movement in the tree line. We were sitting just inside the tree line on a small road and could see the night's sky that illuminated the area making it easier to see movement. I told the team member to watch that area I had just seen movement. He then immediately grabbed my arm and pointed to that same location and said "right there, right there I see one it's standing right there" I moved over to get a better look as to what he was seeing. I observed a rather large figure shaped like a human, shoulders and head I could see very plainly. The team member added " I can see his head and shoulders and arms, he paused and said I see his torso, he is huge"

The team below had radioed back that they were coming back up the ridge line. I told the team member that was with me to not take his eyes off who he was looking at. The team below was making their way up the ridge (utilizing flashlights). During their walk back up the ridge line they had pointed their flashlights up to see where they were walking and the team member with me looked over briefly to see where the rest of the team was and looked back and with disappointing voice said "well I dont see it no more" I had heard the movement in that area as if something had moved off quickly"

The night was not complete when the whole team decided to walk to another area of the property. While walking on one of the roads leading back to one of the crystal mine dig sites several members heard a small rock hit on the road behind everyone. One team member was utilizing a hand held FLIR (thermal imaging device) and quickly located the rock among other rocks with the FLIR, the rock in question had a heat signature that can only be described as if someone had been holding it in their hand for enough time to transfer the heat from their body to the rock. This proved to be a very useful tool in determining which rock out of the hundreds laying on the ground had been held by someone or something with enough body heat to transfer it over to the rock. (More to be added at a later date)

Investigator's Notes:   This investigator's findings are still a mystery in the fact that the Sasquatch Genome Project does not normally investigate paranormal cases. However this investigator has personal experience with the unexplained and supernatural events. This property is undeniable evidence of the unexplained supernatural activity that also includes Sasquatch presence. Below are pics and link to the Board Camp Crystal Mine for the reader to make up his/her mind of what is really going on at this location.

Known as the stage where alot of paranormal events are witnessed

The view from the deck of the stage where strange lights an sounds are observed

The rock which this investigator observed suspended in air and then dropped to the ground

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival 2017 Just Keeps Getting Bigger and Better!

2017 another year to beat as one would say. WOW, can not say it enough WOW, well the organizers of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival should be very proud of a fabulous event. No exact totals but well over 5,000 in attendance, the conference alone was wall to wall people. Starting out on Friday morning was a shock that just about all the chairs in the conference hall were full, Saturday the conference organizer had to call for more chairs.

The vendors were packed with people and the food vendors had their hands full. Helicopter rides were on Saturday with hour long wait, unbelievable! The Choctaw Bigfoot 5K was another big hit, more than 600+ registered. Storytelling drew more than 250 people each night and proved again to be another great aspect of the conference atmosphere. People came from all over the US and abroad to attend. Additional conference and festival information will be updated as it comes available.

Conference Hall (Wall to wall with Bigfoot enthusiast) 

Arkansas Helictopers offering unique opportunities

Kids Zone at the Festival

Storytelling just getting Started at Sundown

Conference Speakers at their tables

Dr. Meldrum examining a cast 

The Bigfoot Outpost 

Tracks from Around the World (People can sign their name and where they are from)

The Vendors on the Midway

Monday, September 25, 2017

2017 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival

This year (2017) is being planned to be another great event. This year the Honobia Bigfoot Committee has introduced something that no other Bigfoot Conference and Festival has ever done. Helicopter rides!  ( There is a fee) Yes that is correct you can take a helicopter ride and look for Bigfoot yourself. The chance of seeing one well....that is debatable. There has been some construction on the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission over the past year, so the long-time location where the storytelling has been held is no longer available due to a new lodge under construction. The conference staff is looking for a location on the property to hold the storytelling. Please check with the ladies at the front door of the conference hall for location, the time is always at sundown, please bring a chair and blanket, it's Oklahoma you know how our weather is around here. Hope to see you there. For more information click on the link below.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kiamichi Mountains Adventures (Field Expeditions Pics from the Past)

October 2015

October 2015

October 2015 (Exp Team Leader explaining why the trees lean-LOL)

November 2015

March 2016

April 2016

June 2016

October 2016

November 2016

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Fall Field Expeditions Dates Are In (Kiamichi Mountains Adventures)

This fall several will travel across the country and from oversees to attend the Kiamichi Mountains Adventures 2017 Fall Field Expeditions in SE Oklahoma. The dates are filling up fast, contact for exact dates and expedition fees.


October: (Booked Full)
November: Slots Open
December: Slots Open


March: No Dates as of yet
April: No Dates as of yet

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Honobia Bigfoot School Scholarships and Chahta Foundation Join Forces


The Honobia Bigfoot School Scholarship committee has partnered with the Chahta Foundation to offer more scholarships to area students. The Chahta Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Choctaws achieve higher levels of education. This has expanded the Honobia Bigfoot Scholarships greatly. This year's scholarship winners are seen below:

(Battiest High School are Holly Young and Nakia Leal)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship presenting)

(Talihina High School are Domnic Shedd and Mackenzie Green)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship presenting)

(Buffalo Valley High School are Nick Knowles and Garrett Pinkey)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship Presenting)

(Clayton High School are Sadie Garrison and Bobbie Kirkland)

(Smithville High School are Lexie Burcham and Elijah Brown)

Special Thank You to Stephen Kinsey for his timeless devotion to the Bigfoot School Scholarship program, he has done a outstanding job making sure these students obtain financial support for the future. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Kiamichi Mountains Adventures Expeditions 2017 Begins!

Every year people come from all over the US to get their once in a lifetime experience here within the Kiamichi Mountains of SE Oklahoma hoping to catch a glimpse of the most elusive folklore legend of all time. Surprising enough some do, and most leave with more than what they expected to see and hear. This year started out with unexpected trip of young ladies from far east Texas and Louisiana. They were on their own Sasquatch expedition to celebrate one of their own's birthday. They were staying in a cabin near Smithville, Ok just east of Honobia. They were told to go over to Honobia and go to Christ 40 Acres there is someone over there that gives tours. They traveled over to Honobia that same day and came across the employees at Honobia Creek Store, they told the ladies to go on up to Christ 40 and ask for Troy, he is up there today.

Troy Hudson has been leading field expeditions within the Kiamichi mountains for more than 10 years, he works part time at Christ 40 (Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission) he takes care of the safety and security program for KMCM. Through the spring and early fall he leads Bigfoot expeditions that has yielded more than half of the people that have attended their own experiences that leaves them wanting more.

Well the ladies drove up to the mission and just happened that Troy was on property that day and met with the young ladies. Troy learned that they were from Texas and Louisiana and were there for the weekend having their own expedition. He invited them out for the night and told them what to wear and bring to make their night more comfortable. The ladies departed for their cabin with excitement and anticipation of what was going to happen when they hit the woods. They returned (all 6 of them) dressed for action, they were transported to an area away from the property where they were given a briefing on what to look for, what to listen for and what to expect and not to expect. Notice: not all the expedition tactics and techniques are shared openly, if and when you attend one of these expeditions you will find why they do not share these openly.

Through the evening several ladies observed extremely large man like shadows on top of the ridge walking back and forth, several others observed similar shadows near the base camp rocking back and forth between the trees. One young lady's chair was hit with a small twig that was thrown horizontal across a small opening just after another young lady observed movement in the trees just 40 yards away. Eyeshine was the hit of the night, everyone had the chance to see eyeshine at various times and locations in relation to base camp. One young lady got the rare opportunity to watch a small child like figure along with a larger figure move about just 50 yards from her for little over 10 minutes, she described that she at one moment could see a light colored area of its face on the small figure, she said that it was so fast that all she could see was bridge of a nose and both eyes. She was so amazed she couldn't stop talking about it.

Some people reading this may think its all a put on to get more people to attend, well remember this was a "chance" that Troy was going to be at the mission and no one knew these ladies were coming, this expedition was put together in hours, so no way for anyone to plan to be at the site to hoax or fool anyone, the other KMCM staff that is usually are on site were attending an event more than 25 miles away, so only ones that knew and were on site were the ladies and Troy. The night ended when everyone arrived back to their vehicles. However this is just the beginning for these ladies, they traveled to SE Oklahoma to celebrate a birthday and hoping to have their own expedition, well they came to SE Oklahoma and got more than they expected.

Note: The expedition leader (Troy) is not always at KMCM, so thinking of driving down hoping to get a expedition the same weekend is a gamble, what happened with these ladies may have been by design from the Lord above, who knows, if you wish to learn more and or get dates for future expeditions contact:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Delaware County (Oklahoma) Community Town Hall Meeting December 2016

In the summer of 2016 the tribal liaison for the Sasquatch Genome Project (SGP) was contacted by a tribal citizen that lives in Delaware County, Oklahoma and invited him to talk with some of the citizens in the area about all the Bigfoot activity they been having for years. It was decided that a small portion of the project team would travel to Delaware County to visit with some of the citizens and conduct a town hall meeting. December 10, 2016 was chosen and the location for it to be held was the Delaware County Public Library in Jay, Oklahoma.

On December 9th, 2016 several members of the SGP Field Research and Investigation team arrived and met with several citizens, the team learned that there have been Bigfoot activity in the area for many generations. Some report that some local residents have experience some rather negative behavior by the Bigfoots in the area. In more detail they are saying that some local homes are being visited by something that throws rocks at the home, walks on the deck or porch of the home, slaps the side of the home and stands outside and screams so loud that it can be heard over the TV. Some residents have expressed their concern that they are saying some do live in fear and some have no where to turn for help. Of course you could speculate that when law enforcement is called, it is not such priority that patrol officers drop everything to respond to "Bigfoot throwing rocks at my house" who would they call that would get proper response and not laugh at the home owner.

Members of the Sasquatch Genome Project that are also members of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff have spent countless hours responding to calls such as this, several members have investigated numerous reports such as these all over Oklahoma and North Texas.

On December 10, 2016 the SGP were on hand at the Delaware County Public Library where little more than 140 people attended, presentation was given by the tribal liaison and field investigator Troy Hudson, brief history and current status of the Sasquatch DNA project was given, along with long-term investigative information that comes from tribal folklore and customs was also heard.

There has been an overwhelming request from some of the people in the community of Delaware County that members of the SGP have been invited back and will continue to work with the citizens of the community to better understand what people are experiencing and possibly come to a mutual agreement on how to handle what is going on.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

November 2016 Fall Kiamichi Mountains Adventures Field Expedition

The first fall 2016 field expeditions got under way the last of October with one heck of a weekend. There were little over 10 people in attendance.

The first night was absolutely unbelievable even by the expedition's guide's expectations. The group traveled to their destination and within minutes there were sounds that most could not identify as to what animal or "thing" were making the sounds. One person reported seeing what he described as a small red light within meters of the base camp's position. The group split into several small 2-3 person teams to travel the cleared paths in the woods nearby the base camp to see what was roaming in the woods. Note: the group travels to these areas via 4 wheelers and side-by-side ATVs for ease and to scare away most critters. It is easier to identify sounds in the woods as to what is not making the sounds specially if the deer and other small varmints are scared off by the sounds of people in the woods. Typically most depart the area to leave only the expedition attendees and "visitors" creeping through the woods.

About an hour into it, just about everyone in the group reported seeing large up-right "man-like" figures approaching from various directions, one small group was charged at from estimated distance of about 10-12 feet, it was bi-pedal and moved very quickly, it moved off to the side of the group and remained there for some time. Several other group members said the could see head and shoulders about 7 feet off the ground in the same spot as to where the sound had stopped moving. Two hours later several small groups were attempting to find each other in the rather dense forest. One two man team was charged again by something very large and bi-pedal this time it moved to within feet of them and again moved off to the side and stopped.

The nigh finished in array of sounds, whoops, screams, and whistles, even one sound veteran expedition guides were unable to label as to what it was or what made the sound.

The second night was just as impressive as the first, all though no "bluff-charges" as some call it, but the night was filled with audio sounds both far and near, eye shine was the highlight of the night, rock throwing as something was hitting the top of a old well building near by causing some to jump from the rather quite to "bam" as rain of rocks fell. Two members were lucky enough to see several small up-right figures just yards away moving about in the woods. Husband and wife team observed very large figure with eye shine move away from them, estimated to be little less than 15-20 yards away.

If your interested in attending a field expedition please contact: for more information.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival Out Did It Again

This year (2016) the organizers and volunteers out done themselves at Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival. Last year we researched the numbers and it sat with just over 2,900 people in attendance for both days. This year it was little harder to try and capture the attendance with the return of the Choctaw Bigfoot 5K Run. There was just over 800 + registered to run, the totals are not in yet, but some involved in the race gave a mental picture of more than 700. The attendance in the conference portion was well over last year's numbers, so far the organizers of the festival and conference are reporting numbers well into the high 3,800s if not just over 4,000 in attendance. We will post soon as everything is confirmed.

Soon as more information is available we will post, enjoy some of the pics from the event.