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Sasquatch: "White Paper" Part Two

(Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed nor has no direct affiliation to the Honobia Bigfoot Club, Conference, and the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission)

This article has been written by one of the Honobia area Bigfoot field investigators, this particular investigator has more than 10 years experience and has been conducting research through hundreds of eye witness accounts, tribal stories and folklore, conducting more than 200 interviews, and his own experiences to come to write the Sasquatch: "White Paper" Part One and Two.

This particular White Paper is not in any form a professional answer to any or all the questions about Bigfoot, or as some people have heard me refer to them as a "Type of People", but truly are they a type of "people", some scientific research projects can trace certain aspects of DNA from suspected Bigfoot evidence that they have a connection to our DNA. This White Paper is not going to hold any scientific evidence as so called "truth" to their identity. The purpose of this White Paper is to ask the questions that very few want to ask and attempt to point the reader to his/her own conclusion. This investigator learned early on in his career that everyone has their own definition to who and what the Bigfoot really are. But is any of them correct? Maybe, maybe not! The whole reason most people get into this field or hobby is to prove they exist and to identify who and what they are. Some people get into this because they saw something in the woods or on the side of the road. Curiosity is what humans have that gets them into trouble most of the time. Why does it drives us crazy to get others to believe what we know, why is it our passion to get others to believe that Bigfoot exist? Some really do not care, but why do some people get so angry that some do not believe and some do nothing more than laugh and ridicule our belief's?

Humans are the most complex creatures on earth, we sometimes can not control our anger, wants, and needs, but yet the main reason is our minds and hearts are our worst enemies. I am not going to babble you with psychology and introduce scientific mumble jumbo. Here are my questions:

Just How Many Bigfoots are in the Texas and Oklahoma Areas?
Answer: This investigator began is amateur Bigfoot field investigation career back in 2004/2005 timeframe. The very first investigative case began a 4 1/2 year long study with a family of them at a rural home just outside the Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex. The first thought reading the initial report from the witness was initially met with denial of their presence so close to a major city. However after visiting the family for several hours, utilizing law enforcement style interview techniques and examining the property in detail, the first night of surveillance this investigator was completely blown away with his first ever sighting of a estimated 7-8 ft tall very robust figure that ran between a small shed and tree line so fast that tears came to my eyes and the oldest brother in the family turned to me and said "see there is one there". Later this investigator observed this same dark figure on many other visits to the property and even once in daylight to confirm the investigators theories of a person in a dark suit, it was not, it was just what he was told whom it was, a large male Bigfoot.
The 4 1/2 years initiated a complex investigation that examined the families of property where Bigfoots are witnessed on a regular basis. In most cases there are more than one member of the family that observe a Bigfoot once maybe twice every two weeks, and in this case they are observed several times a week. This is what brought on the children aspect of the research, it was the children in 3 out of 5 reports that initiated the family's reports to the research website. Moving on........... over the years between 2005-2009 this investigator completed more than 20 field investigations in North, East, and South Central Texas. There were more than 30 phone interviews from other witness reports that covered the same areas. Many field investigations were spent during over night expeditions that yielded many of this investigator's own eye witness accounts to prove the Bigfoot's presence. Also note that 3 out of 4 investigative trips another investigator went along to help support the investigation.
End result was that over these 4 years it was learned that there are large number of Bigfoot populations that live throughout the State of Texas. Keeping in touch with the landowners and other witness reports that are incoming during this time, there were multiple witness accounts that occurred at the exact some times. For example, according to the investigative notes on 07-11-2006 this investigator talked with one family in Northeast Texas, gentleman in East Texas, one in North Central Texas (south of the DFW area), and law enforcement officer in far South Texas that all were eyewitness to a Bigfoot in some type of encounter on the same day. One witness in North East Texas reported having a encounter with more than one, possibly 3 Bigfoots at a distance of 100 yards in the late evening.
Several reports that this investigator completed:

Oklahoma proved to have no different Bigfoot activity, actually Oklahoma proved to have even more reported activity throughout the 2005-2009 time frame. This investigator was born and raised in SE Oklahoma and grew up with the knowledge of Bigfoot, being raised under the Native American foundation of traditional native lifestyles and beliefs it was more towards the understanding of the existence of Bigfoot through tribal environment. One report that this investigator spent many years working different angles, such as the "Lucky Star Casino video", having investigative leads and connecting with a first hand eyewitness to the video and learning the inner workings of the tribal mindset of the problem that the video proved to be for the casino as well as the tribe, this was the beginning of a very long journey to learn that there is more than 10 tribal properties scattered all over Oklahoma that have Bigfoot activity on or very near to tribal housing or business areas.

Several tribal communities were visited over the periods of 2007-2009 that yielded the same results as the Texas scenario that on a particular date multiple eyewitnesses report having encounters on the same dates and in some cases near the same exact time frame of the day or night. This proved again to be that it is not the Bigfoot that are moving around, or that people are seeing the same one in different locations, it is that fact that there are more than just a few, there are more Bigfoots than people realize. In one location there is a whole complete set of families of Bigfoot (possible 3-6 Bigfoots in one family), tribal law enforcement, and other tribal related personnel that give accounts were there are 6-9 Bigfoots being observed at the same time. Below are just a few of the this investigators reports and interesting media articles that involved this investigator.

Final findings on population, after lengthy study of geographical areas, witness reports, field investigations, and phone interviews it is this investigator's belief that there are more than several hundred Bigfoot's living and moving about in the State of Oklahoma. Not in any attempt to put a exact number on to the population. Same as for Texas, several hundred that are inhabiting the state.
If you examine several Bigfoot research websites you will find multiple states with a large amount of Bigfoot activity, taking into account that Bigfoot's cross county and state lines with out regard to our investigative cataloging of county and state data basses. There could be a high possibility that there is to be a safe estimate that there are thousands of Bigfoot living in North America.

What is a Long-Term Witness?
Answer: Some Bigfoot researchers/organizations utilize the term "habituation site" where a property or area where people reside and the Bigfoot are witnessed on a regular basis. This investigator is not comfortable with the word habituation, is it not that the Bigfoot do not reside on the property or is it that the family living at this particular location is just observing Bigfoot pass through the property to another location. Being a family observing Bigfoots for many years on the same property best describes being a "long-term witness".

This investigator has been very lucky working several investigative reports of situations that proved to be a "long-term witness" investigative dream for any Bigfoot researcher/investigator. The multitude of variety has been something no less than awesome. Tribal housing communities, tribal business land (casinos, etc) private farms, private hunting leases, private-protected government land, and areas near military installations.

Yes, that say's "military installations", this investigator at one time worked for the US Government in a law enforcement capacity. Meeting other eyewitnesses and obtaining reports through "word of mouth" methods or just being in the right place at the right time, offered this investigator the best opportunity to gain information and complete reports that suggested that our military is very aware of the Bigfoot. More than 6 different investigative reports (not published) this investigator completed over the periods of 2007-2012. Several tribal communities have had Bigfoot activity over the generations, some even have developed a un-written rule of certain areas of their tribal land be off limits to the rest of the tribal citizens due to "this is where the Bigfoot live". Interviews with some former tribal police officers discovered that sometimes tribal police are called to run the Bigfoots out of small tribal housing areas because they are causing mischief. No injuries or harm has come to any tribal citizen that is known, it's just the scary and unknown predictability of the Bigfoot that causes fear among the people that the tribal police are contacted.

This investigator has been lucky enough to be blessed with now staying on a property in SE Oklahoma that provides the opportunity to observe on-going Bigfoot activity for the past 3 years.  Visiting the property for the past 7 years, it was only 5 years ago that it was discovered that Bigfoot presence was heavy and consistent in nature. The typical week of activity for this investigator is normally, newer stick structures found throughout the property, shadows of large human like figures seen near building structures at night, dogs consistently barking at tree limb breaks in the creek near the residence. Whoops and long howls are heard in the evening and late usually every other night (2:00 and 5:00 AM).

Final findings, through the period of 2005-2009, this investigator has discovered that throughout the US there are many long-term witnesses that have been experiencing Bigfoot activity for more than 100 years. This information offers the best in investigative evidence that the Bigfoots have been in North America for at least a hundred years or more. More to come on long-term witness research.

Why Do Children See Bigfoot Different?
Answer: Through a 8 year period, even long after this investigator has left the Bigfoot Research Organization, continued contact with witnesses and even new investigative reports have yielded a interesting situation where children are observing Bigfoots and sometimes with a different answer to what they are seeing. It was the first investigation that this investigator learned that it is the children within the family that first get to observe the Bigfoot and sometimes it takes the parents having their own eyewitness encounter that gives credit to the children on what they have observed in the past. Investigative notes have given unique reflection that where if there is a family that live on a rural farm or homestead and that the children are old enough to talk the children are usually the first to discover their presence.  Here is the interesting discovery, 3 out of 5 children interviewed or observed by the investigator, the children are usually Autistic or have Down Syndrome. Estimated hundreds of hours, this investigator spent going over reports, phone interviews, site investigations and just personal observations have led to a unique situation that a lot of children that are having eye to eye contact with the Bigfoots that visit the property report that the children are not intimidated or frighten by what they are seeing. Actually several parents reported that their children would be looking out a window or back door and tell the parents "see there is the big hairy friend" the parents are much more reserved in the nature of allowing the children outside to play after dark because of their fear of the unknown.

One location that this investigator has visited on more than one occasion determined that it was the children that the Bigfoot normally came to be entertained by.  If the children were not at home, no Bigfoots were observed or heard from. If the children were at home and were outside, 2 out of 4 times the Bigfoots were in the area. This behavior/activity was also observed throughout several states at other long-term witness properties. It is unknown at this time, why exactly only certain types of children (Autism and Down Syndrome) have repeated eyewitness accounts where the children see the Bigfoot as non-threatening and in one case, the one Bigfoot had even been witnessed to run off a large pack of coyotes that came to close to several children that were playing in the front yard of a very rural home.

The father of the children reported to hear the children screaming and their family dog barking aggressively, the father and oldest brother ran outside to observed a large dark man like figure chasing after coyotes through dense undergrowth and heavy wooded area near where the children were playing. The children (3 of them ages 10, 8, and 6 years old) described the coyotes (3-5) were heard coming through the woods, the family dog began to bark and growl and then a huge crash in the woods, the children explained "the Bigfoot chased those mean dogs off and ran after them".   

Final findings, there is more investigation/research to be conducted with children of all ages and if possible with different spectrum of disorders to determine if what this investigator believes is that children sometimes see Bigfoot different than adults, is it that adults are tainted (contaminated) with stories, TV shows, and movies that Bigfoot is a evil creature that steals children, or worse? Is it that children see something about the Bigfoots that we adults can't? It is known within some medical scientific research discoveries that infants and some younger children can identify certain types of people not known to the child of being of immoral character. Meaning the child at the time has no verbal communication ability at the time of age can give visual indications that he/she doesn't like to be in the presence of someone that has questionable character. More to come...........

This investigator no longer belongs to any Bigfoot research organization still provides investigations into sightings, suspicious Bigfoot related activity and his own property observations. Throughout the past 18 months more than 9 other long-term witness accounts have been passed onto and investigated that only serves as a suggestion that there is way more going on with the Bigfoot than people really realize. Stay tuned for further developments in these areas......Part Three will be posted soon....

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Sasquatch: "White Paper" Part One

(Disclaimer: This article is not endorsed nor has no direct affiliation to the Honobia Bigfoot Club, Conference, and the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission)

This article has been written by one of the Honobia area Bigfoot field investigators, this particular investigator has more than 10 years experience and has been conducting research through hundreds of eye witness accounts, tribal stories and folklore, conducting more than 200 interviews, and his own experiences to come to write the Sasquatch: "White Paper" Part One.

This particular White Paper is not in any form a professional answer to any or all the questions about Bigfoot, or as some people have heard me refer to them as a "Type of People", but truly are they a type of "people", some scientific research projects can trace certain aspects of DNA from suspected Bigfoot evidence that they have a connection to our DNA. This White Paper is not going to hold any scientific evidence as so called "truth" to their identity. The purpose of this White Paper is to ask the questions that very few want to ask and attempt to point the reader to his/her own conclusion. This investigator learned early on in his career that everyone has their own definition to who and what the Bigfoot really are. But is any of them correct? Maybe, maybe not! The whole reason most people get into this field or hobby is to prove they exist and to identify who and what they are. Some people get into this because they saw something in the woods or on the side of the road. Curiosity is what humans have that gets them into trouble most of the time. Why does it drives us crazy to get others to believe what we know, why is it our passion to get others to believe that Bigfoot exist? Some really do not care, but why do some people get so angry that some do not believe and some do nothing more than laugh and ridicule our belief's?

Humans are the most complex creatures on earth, we sometimes can not control our anger, wants, and needs, but yet the main reason is our minds and hearts are our worst enemies. I am not going to babble you with psychology and introduce scientific mumble jumbo. Here are my questions:

Who are they?
Answer: It is believed that science has the answers in the DNA. But really under some DNA projects the answer maybe in the physical sense of who they are, but the DNA suggest answers that some people are unwilling to accept. Arguments, conspiracy theories, sabotage, tampering with evidence, and complete personal warfare has surrounded some DNA projects. Why? Because maybe the science is true and some are afraid of the answer, or is it complete jealousy? Either way, humans are their worst enemy in understanding the truth. Some believe they are part of the great ape theory. The answer, they walk on two legs, they have children, and they have been proven to have a language, you tell me what that sounds like to be? (See this link for Sasquatch Language)

Where are they from?
Answer: Majority of North American tribal communities believe in the Bigfoot, they each have a name for them and most believe they were here on earth either before or arrived the same time as the tribal Indian. Interesting point is there is a number of countries that believe and have their own name for the Bigfoot, even in Japan and China. The definition of the Bigfoot differ, some believe that they are evil (cannibals) and some believe they were sent here to teach man how to live among the earth with harmony and respect for others. The key is that most believe they were created by God. I understand most people really do not or will not discuss Biblical applications to the Bigfoot. Bare with me as I attempt to direct my question to certain aspects that make it an argument among people, but could give some evidence to the Bigfoot's existence.
Anyone that has really researched the Bible looking for clues about Bigfoot (hairy giants) can find several references about something that could be construed as a Bigfoot. But really, is the Bible talking about Bigfoot? or is today's Bigfoot descendants of the Biblical giants. Some define it as they (The Bigfoot) are "Men of Renown".

This investigator has been directed to these areas of scripture by tribal elders and witnesses that have in depth Biblical knowledge and have had the experience of being a witness to the Bigfoot, here are some of the areas of the Bible......... “heroes of old, men of renown” (Genesis 6:4). The Nephilim were not aliens, angels, “Watchers,” or rock monsters; they were literal, physical beings produced from the union of the sons of God and the daughters of men (Genesis 6:1–4).

Please do not be confused that this investigator is placing the Bigfoot on a pedestal and/or placing the Bigfoot in a higher category than humans. This is strictly a placement of literature that has been researched and offered by so many in their beliefs of who the Bigfoot are and where they maybe from. End result, we may really never know, maybe one of the most prolific questions, as Stonehenge, Pyramid mysteries, and Lochness monster, etc.

Why are they here?
Answer: Another question that gets different and sometimes very supernatural explanations. The reason why this investigator chose the word "supernatural" is that you can not talk about Bigfoot and not mention the hundreds (maybe thousands) of witness accounts of Bigfoots involved in or witnessed being, having performed, and/or surrounded by supernatural abilities or phenomena. This investigator will leave the reader to his/her own conclusion of supernatural definition. Each witness has his/her own explanation to what he/she has experienced and some wish not to talk about what they observed. Some witnesses have what only would be defined by current medical terms as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This investigator has held multiple discussions with one witness that spent 14 years in the US Army Special Forces and because of his "encounter/experience" he sold all of his hunting equipment, firearms, and refuse to enter the woods after dark. The witness after 2 long years of telephone conversations gave his testimony that what he saw "scared him to believe in that what was standing in front of him was something that God created and that it was so powerful that he trembled with fear that this creature/being (his words) could follow him to the ends of the earth in terror" The witness also indicated that this creature/being also had a peaceful atmosphere and that it meant him no harm but it was giving his displeasure of the witness's hunting purposes. The witness was hunting hogs/coyotes and leaving the carcasses.  The witness was hit with overwhelming emotional turmoil of what he saw, Bigfoot doesn't exist, but one stood within 30 feet of him. Bigfoot was much larger and felt more powerful than any man or animal that the witness had ever experienced. The reader must come to her/his own conclusion about what happened here, there are many other witness accounts that are similar in nature to this witnesses experience.

How many are there?
Answer: This investigator has seen many TV documentaries and read several articles on some scientific explanations of Bigfoot populations. They are neither right, nor are they either wrong. Hypothesis are used with scientific research, but in another theory that is driven by DNA suggest that it is possible that Bigfoots have a much slower metabolism and may not require all the daily feeding as suggested by some. What if they are not required to eat as much as people believe, that may mean they can go for days with out feeding, that suggest that their habitat areas may not need the amount of food as perceived. It is common from 4 out of 6 tribal communities that the Bigfoot only need shelter, water, access to some type of food supply and security to live in an area. That means they could live any where they want, as long as they can come and go without being detected, hunt and night and travel small distances to shelter. In the military there is a school that is designed to teach survival, escape, and evasion techniques. This investigator has attended such training and once learn how easy it is to evade and survive in the wilderness for several weeks without detection, it is very plausible that something like a Bigfoot that has natural innate abilities to perform these tasks. The reason why innate is being used, it has been heard from many tribal elders and the personal belief of this investigator that the Bigfoot are either born with the abilities or they learn from their own (Bigfoot) parents the skills necessary to survive in any environment and condition. Some countries that believe and have their own Bigfoot witnesses describe the locations that Bigfoot may live are inhospitable to humans. Such as the Himalayas Mountains.

The population of the Bigfoot in North America is unpredictable, however there are several areas throughout each state that do provide hundreds (sometimes thousands) of acres of forest land, some protected and some private. Being that 90% of these areas are not being traveled daily by humans offer the best opportunity for Bigfoots to sustain their existence. This investigator was once with a well-known Bigfoot Investigation Organization and observed that in their internal data base for reports and investigations there were reports coming out of most of the lower 48 states (including Alaska). Oklahoma and Texas is where this investigator has spent 97% of his research and investigations, determined that there are way more Bigfoots than people realize. (See Part Two for more information on Oklahoma/Texas populations)
There is really no number of population to give here, as to the fact that most Bigfoots do travel and they have no reason to observe county and state borders, so who is to say what witness A saw in White County and what witness B saw in Blue County is the same Bigfoot that traveled to hunt? Are they nomadic? This investigator has been researching and actually stays on a property where the Bigfoot have been seen for many years. This property has Bigfoot activity year round and sometimes in adverse weather conditions. Maybe in some areas of North America Bigfoot move around due to weather related hunting conditions, but in the Southeastern areas of Oklahoma, the Bigfoot typically are found to be in the same area year round and have been for more than 8-10 years.

Why do they hide from us?
Answer: This questions has caused so many arguments between researchers, witnesses, and Bigfoot enthusiast. The question is extremely controversial, this investigator turns towards tribal elder wisdom for potential explanations to this questions. It is believed by some tribal elders that the Bigfoot were sent here to help teach man the respectful way to live among ourselves and to treat the earth and all of it's inhabitants with the upmost respect and to live in harmony with the Creator's (God's) commandments. This to is very argumentative among many people. Several explanation's of their reason for them hiding and secretive nature is there was once a "incident" that occurred that created  what has been called by some a "covenant" between the Bigfoot and the Creator of their mutual presence among the human race to be "separated" until a time later identified by the coming of the Lord. Please understand that this is only a description of several tribal elders only.

This explanation is highly volatile and has created many heated arguments among people in the Bigfoot research community, only reason why this investigator feels that it should be mentioned is that what if this is the real reason why, or maybe the reason is that they live in a non-materialistic world and they do not share our lifestyle ways. Maybe they have always lived in a secluded "hobbit" style way of living. There are many possible answers to this questions. But which one is correct? One particular observation is seen throughout the world, some people have seen them and some people have not, there are believers and there are non-believers, that is the only real data to this question. (See also Part Two for Long-Term witnesses) There are some areas of Bigfoot research that examined what some call "Habituators" the term used to describe a family that may live on property that is visited by Bigfoot's on a permanent basis. This investigator likes to refer to this type of experience as a "Long-term Witness". Not that the Bigfoot may live on the property of the witness, it is just that the witnesses has the opportunity to observe the Bigfoot on multiple occasions throughout the year where the witness maybe able to determine the size of the family of Bigfoot and get to know them by sight and their particular individual behavior. Question, why do some people get to have continuous experiences, some only get to see them once in a lifetime and some spend hundreds of hours in the woods and never get to see one?

End of Part One.........

Part Two will include:

Oklahoma/Texas Bigfoot Populations
Long-Term Witnesses
Children see Bigfoot Different

Part Three will include:

Chasing Bigfoot. What will it get you?
Haunted Forest? or Bigfoot Activity?
Good or Bad?

Fallen tree? Or Stick Structure?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival Makes Major Impacts on People's Perception About Bigfoot

This year's Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival is more than a place to come and enjoy good food, entertainment, raise money for a good cause and friendship. There is something to learn, there is a lot of people that travel through several states to come to Honobia, Oklahoma to hear the speakers present their research and findings on Bigfoot's existence. There are many the come non-believers and some go away with either they believe now, or they are more open to the idea of the existence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. One of the organizers and speakers Troy Hudson was quoted

"I am not here to make you believe Bigfoot Exist, I only here to present you what I have learned in all the years I have been doing this, you take what you learn from me and the other speakers and form your own opinion"

Several of the organizers were stopped throughout the festival weekend to hear some great stories of people having there own Bigfoot experience, the organizers were quick to explain the weekend and to give their caution about people in the woods trying to masquerade as Bigfoots to give mislead people. After hearing what some of the people had experienced the organizers were left with questions of "what if" some of the locations were off property and way up on some of the mountains. Either way people enjoyed the weekend and enjoyed the activities. Everyone walked away with a story to tell their friends when they got back home.

Several of the conference speakers have different ideas of what Bigfoot really is. There are many scientific projects out there attempting to come up with this answer. This year's conference and festival yielded many visitors from as far away as Nebraska, Illinois, and Colorado. No matter where you come from it means a lot for the community of Honobia to host the conference and festival to benefit everyone involved. Below are some more pictures of the conference and some comments from some of the visitors:

Insert: Friday nights Storytelling.
Insert: One of the organizers leading the Storytelling.
Insert: More storytelling.
Insert: Speaker Ron Morehead being interviewed.
Insert: Conference attendees listen to the panel of speakers answer questions from the crowd.
Judy from Oklahoma "This is my first year, my family and I loved it, everyone is so nice and down to earth, we will be back next year, you can count on it"
Henry from Arkansas "This is my 4th year to come to Honobia, this is the best trip yet, I will be back next year"
Anonymous from Honobia "The best yet, thank you thank you thank you guys, keep up the good work"
A local vendor "By far the best festival ever, thank you for having me" 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Post Event Report-2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival

First We at the Honobia Bigfoot Club and Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival Committee would like to thank all volunteers and members of the scholarship fund organization for a very successful event this year. All the hard work and long hours paid off. Below is a brief report on what took place and some of the highlights. The scholarship fund and financial report is not out yet. This year proved to be in evidence of what it means to have a great team working together to accomplish a goal.

The conference and festival being led by the Honobia Bigfoot Club President Tom Hefner performed flawlessly and only through his leadership and motivation is why the conference and festival was such a great success. The conference lead organizer Farlan Huff was waking around with a big grin on his face. Farlan is one of the original organizers and brainstorm engineers of the first Bigfoot conference and festival in 2005. So he knows what to expect, and he didn't expect the size of the crowds each day. Unofficial report (not in as of yet) due to the wrist bands that were passed out at the front gate, the number of visitors on Friday (Oct 3rd) were in the area of 500+ and on Saturday (Oct 4th) indicated to be more than 1600+. The exact count has not been turned in as of today's date. But the numbers are far more than organizers expected. Assisted conference organizer Troy Hudson said this "The numbers this weekend surpassed the total attendance for the conference and festival for both 2010 and 2011 years combined".

The Festival

The festival was more than President Tom Hefner expected as well, there were only two food vendor trailers on site (in the past there are normally 4 food vendors) and the vendor cooks could barley keep up with the orders. The kids had fun in the bounce houses and the entertainment kept people coming back for more. There were vendors of every kind. Bigfoot T-Shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and raffle tickets were on sale and they went fast. I was told that the Bigfoot Scholarship coffee mugs were sold out on the first day. There was even a trailer display of several Bigfoots and even a life sized Bigfoot for everyone to get their picture next too. Bigfoot was seen on the property making his appearance for everyone to get their picture taken with.

The Conference

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is no stranger to Honobia, he has been a guest speaker at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference more than enough times to understand and appreciate the beauty in which SE Oklahoma is well known for. Speaker Ron Morehead also spoke, this was his first time to speak and visit SE Oklahoma. I am pretty sure he will be back. The conference was a huge success, there were more people on Friday that any other conference since it's development. Usually Fridays are very low in attendance due to school and work, but this year there were more people in the conference by noon than ever before.

Organizers said next year's conference will be "Better than this years, we plan to take it to a new level"

The Storytelling was also a great hit and proved to be as in the past one of the most attended events of the weekend. Led by Troy Hudson, "Everyone had a great time, several youngsters even told a few stories of their own, I was told by few attendees that this is all they come for is the stories" Hudson said.

It is no argument that October in SE Oklahoma is the month of the Bigfoot, make sure you come next year for The Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum presenting his lecture.

Ron Morehead talking about Sasquatch Language.
Dr. Jeff Meldrum and one excited Family.
Vendors inside the Steel Tent.
Bigfoot captured and in custody (for now)
Food Vendors
Kids Zone
Bigfoot Statues on display
Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Ron Morehead, Farlan Huff, and Troy Hudson on stage for Question and Answer Session during the conference.
Visitors enjoyed the weather.
Watch for our "Bigfoot Activity at the 2014 Bigfoot Conference and Festival" post. Coming up Next!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Week........... Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival 2014

Hello Everyone

It has been a long summer, time is almost here for the 2014 "Reunion" Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival being held at Christ 40 Acres, (a.k.a Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission) The Honobia Bigfoot Club and Conference Committee has been planning this for a long time now. The endless hours on the phone, computer and doing interviews is about to pay off.

If you can make it, try and come out, this year's program and many more scheduled for the future is to help benefit the education of our next generation of youth. All proceeds go towards area school scholarships. So far the there has already been several students that have benefited from the scholarships. In partnership with many school districts, community organizations, private donors and the Honobia Bigfoot Club this year hopes to benefit many other students towards their education endeavors.

In another manner of speaking, this will be a very unique conference in itself. The speakers have not been to Honobia in several years. The speakers are coming from all over US. Several are well noted and distinguished speakers related to Sasquatch scientific research and have appeared on several TV programs. Several other speakers are local Bigfoot field investigators with more than 100 years of experience combined together. One speaker is well known to Honobia and has spent most of his investigative career in the area learning and working with several local residents to better understand the Sasquatch population within the Honobia Valley region.   There will be a familiar note to some of the presentations, that point towards the Native American culture and legends that help some people understand the Sasquatch from another point of view.
The Storytelling will be each night starting at or around sunset (6:30PM). This will be hosted by the conference organizers and have proved to be a great hit in the past years. In 2010, there were more than 300 in attendance (we stopped counting at 300, and there were more people coming in). So don't be late, bring a lawn chair and a blanket (temps maybe a little cooler this year).
There will be plenty of things to do, there will be arts and craft vendors, food vendors, bounce houses for the kids, and entertainment under the steel tent. Plenty of parking and staff members on hand to assist you in whatever you may need. Come out and enjoy the day, if nothing more than sit and relax and enjoy the open air. Hope to see you there!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Investigative File Case 018-2014 "Former and Current Military Personnel Observe Sasquatch During Training"

Open Case File  017-2014

Location: Oklahoma and Arkansas

Case Type: Witness Accounts of Encounter (US Military)

Time Frame: 1996, 1999, 2004, and 2012

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This investigator has known both individuals that are connected to this investigation personally.  One is retired and one is still serving on active duty with the US Army. Both serve in what as referred to as the Special Operations community. They both request that unit designations and other pertinent military facility and locations be kept confidential. This investigator has attended several training functions with both of these witnesses. One originally is from Oklahoma and the other was born and raised in Florida. The first witness (the retired one) will be nicknamed "Adam" and the other will be nicknamed "Stan" for the sake of confidentiality. Adam served in numerous capacities and while attending a training course at a location in Eastern Oklahoma (1996) he was at the moment operating as a "lookout" during a training exercise. He and another soldier observed a large bi-pedal (person as he described it) walk across a wide trail just inside a tree line just before dark. Their mission/purpose was to observe an area looking for students during a training exercise, Adam and the other soldier were completely camouflage and was unable to be seen with a quick glance. Adam said what he observed was very large, man-like upright person, no weapon, no rucksack (military backpack), and stepped across a 7 ft wide trail with one step. In addition during the exercise he remembers several soldiers complaining of hearing bi-pedal foot steps around them during the night time. He recalls that one soldier even heard a small branch break immediately behind him and when he utilized his PVS-14 (3rd Gen night vision) he could see no one in the immediate area. Descriptions of feelings of being watched and small sticks thrown at other soldiers were all remembered by Adam.

Adam was assigned to a "Special Unit" in the last years of his career and attended training at a facility in NW Arkansas. During this training (1999) this particular unit Adam was assigned to was conducting field exercises with approximately 20-25 personnel. During the first night of training several members of his team could hear someone walking around their position and could not see anything with their very powerful and sophisticated military night vision. This stumped his team mates, he shared with them in confidence his encounter in 1996. On the 2nd night of the exercise Adam and two other soldiers observed something running through the underbrush nearly 30 feet from their position. The night was no moon, heavy overcast and temperatures well into the low 20s.  He describes what or whoever it was seem to be breaking every branch and determined to make sure they knew it was there. One of the soldiers told Adam "that was a Bigfoot" however Adam said he utilized words he wouldn't describe to me as they were inappropriate.

Stan has served in the Special Operations community for more than 15 years. Stan has never believed in Bigfoot and even coming from Florida said that "he never believed in the swamp ape". He was at a location in North Carolina (2004) when he and several of his unit members had a encounter with something as he would describe "very large, powerful, and not afraid of them" Stan said they had a stand-off with something they could not see with either their naked eyes or their thermal units that were attached to their weapons. Stan said he was just feet away from them, they were all amazed that whatever it was had them stopped dead in their tracks and were unable to continue until it left the area. They vowed not tell anyone due to the fact that they are highly trained specialty members of the US Military and didn't want to chance their careers on being labeled as crazy or mentally unstable. Stan told this investigator during a phone conversation recently that he also remembers that there was an incident in 2012 at a military training facility in Oklahoma. Stan was serving as an instructor during a winter training course when he was informed by several students of the course of something following them in the woods but they could never see what it was. Stan said their description was similar to what he experienced in 2004. He silently asked around and found to his surprise that for more than 30 years members of the military that attend training at this facility have had encounters and unexplained experiences that are related to Bigfoot activity. It is also interesting to note that this investigator has visited this exact military facility during his youth years as a member of the Civil Air Patrol. 

There has been several internet reports from various Bigfoot research groups throughout the US that give indications of  Bigfoot experiences with Special Forces/Special Operations groups that operate in the US and abroad. One story that has circulated is the story of Tier One Unit (Tier One is a term best used to describe highly trained national asset to the US Government that carries out highly classified missions) this particular Tier One Unit was operating somewhere in a jungle and came upon a group of small people like creatures that were having some type of battle. It is not known that if the Tier One Unit eliminated the creatures or they moved on with out being observed by the creatures. However this witness that is a acquaintance to Stan told him "I was not there but I know someone who was, he will not talk about it and just know our world is not what it seems". Since these events have taken place it has been Stan's hobby to research these types of events that are witnessed by Special Operations members of the US Military. So far in his 2 years of research, Stan has learned that several members of several different branches of the US military have been witnessed to man-like creatures, paranormal events, and unexplained supernatural incidents. None of which will go on record to give their accounts and experiences. Tier One Unit members, are highly trained individuals that are responsible for conducting highly classified missions, the mere speak of paranormal experience to outside organizations or non-unit members is highly discouraged. It seems that there is a great number of people on US military bases and installations that have witnessed several events that can not be explained, related to Bigfoot it is just suggested that all over North America US Military Installations that there is more than 5 locations that Bigfoot/Sasquatch activity has been reported and still is being observed today.

Investigators Notes: There is an ongoing debate on several fronts related to US military commanders at each of these bases on how to handle stories and witness accounts of Bigfoot/Sasquatch incidents. 100% of them however elect to keep all events confidential and explain disciplinary action if anyone is discovered giving any information to anyone about Bigfoot at their particular military installation. This investigator as case files from previous investigations over the past 8 years. Several former military members have given their experiences that are so similar to Stan and Adam's it is only fair to say that there will be continued experiences and sightings well into the future.

Case Status: Open

Insert: US Army patch that is designated to the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center in Ft. Bragg North Carolina. This is where major portions of the US Military Special Operations and certain US Government personnel are trained that operate in Tier One. (Only for Display Purposes) We support our US Military serving and those who have served. God Bless America.

Sasquatch Genome Project

The Sasquatch Genome Project is fairly common knowledge among Bigfoot researchers here in the North America. It is also a very controversial topic among many. Majority of Bigfoot researcher, the science community and novice living room aficionados of the Bigfoot world do not believe or trust in the DNA results of the project nor do they believe in the videos and still photos of Sasquatch evidence from another research project that is connected to the Sasquatch Genome Project. It is not this author's intentions to make anyone believe or change their mind in the DNA evidence. This article is only to give this author's personal experience and involvement related to the Sasquatch Genome Project and the Erickson Project.

Troy Hudson had his first Bigfoot experience when he was a child growing up in SE Oklahoma. Throughout his life he was exposed to tribal customs and beliefs. Some were stories and experiences that were associated with Bigfoot/Sasquatch. It wasn't until late 2004 when he was asked about a organization from a co-worker that found the BFRO website ( Along with a close friend, Troy went on an expedition in SE Oklahoma. This started a part-time hobby that grew into a full time hobby of running around all over North-East and Central Texas, most of Oklahoma and western portions of Arkansas conducting field investigations and public/private expeditions. Yielding more than 100 investigative reports and participating in some rather high profile cases. In 2009 Troy along with several other Bigfoot researchers were asked to step in and organize the 2010 Honobia Bigfoot Conference. In 2010 is when Troy was contacted by Dr. Melba Ketchum through another field researcher that Troy was friends with. This particular friend was fellow field researcher Dennis Pfohl of the BFRO.
Troy had been conducting a research/investigative project in North Texas the same time Dennis was working a project for Adrian Erickson( in Kentucky. Troy along with Dennis had been working both of these projects parallel with each other from 2005-2008. Troy had seen most of the Erickson videos (within days of their recording) that people now claim are hoaxed and people in "Chewbacca" mask.
Troy Hudson's comments below:

"After I started talking with Dr. Ketchum and discussing in length the research I had been involved with and understanding native/tribal belief's and customs it was apparent that the DNA that Dr. Ketchum had come to understand was very similar in the way some people believe in who and what the Bigfoot really are. I had multiple discussion with Dr. Ketchum in 2010 about the nature of the results and what people would really find hard to believe in the true nature of what some of the samples of her DNA suggest. I went out to east Texas to visit with Dr. Ketchum and spend time learning the in's and out's of the DNA testing and what samples she was working with. Due to my law enforcement background and experience in formal evidence collection and handling I was blown away on how detailed her process was. The Sasquatch Genome Project followed strict evidence collection, preservation, and testing techniques that rival the Department of Justice. I know that some people in the science and Bigfoot research community find it in their hearts and minds to attack Dr. Melba Ketchum's resume and imply that her evidence is contaminated and she is perpetrating a hoax.

The equipment that tests the DNA has been examined, tested, re-examined, and verified to be working at and above the standards most DNA lab utilize. I am only providing the personal witness evidence that I know that offers that Dr. Ketchum has not, is not, and will not perpetrate a hoax for self-gratification nor any type of monetary gain. Dr. Ketchum was asked to perform these test, she didn't even believe in the existence of Bigfoot, and completely laughed and joked at the mere thought of performing the test. There was blind testing done with a number of labs so anyone in the future wouldn't scream foul or fake (as they are doing now) because it was a lab doing a test on a unknown specimen. She discovered that the DNA was acting funny and some of the labs wanted to know what are they testing. She told them, now I am a witness to one example that the lab said "wait you have what here, this is really strange" the world will not believe this. Guess what? They do not, they were right, you have labs that are saying "hold on wait this can't be right, but it is, these things exist" Now you have people claiming hoax and scam artist, people are pointing the fingers at Dr. Ketchum for scamming people out of money and trying to claim a victory for discovery of Bigfoot. I have been associated with Dr, Ketchum and Adrian Erickson for many years now. I have never seen such craziness in the realm of everyone wanted videos, they want pictures and they want scientific proof. Adrian Erickson provided the video and photographic proof. Dr, Melba Ketchum provided the scientific proof of three (3) whole nuclear genomes. Yet the scientific community and Bigfoot research community has turned their backs. The only people that believe in the merit of the two projects are the people personally involved and the countless witnesses that have assisted in the projects over the years"

Insert: Adrian Erickson, Dennis Pfohl, Rich Germeau, Dr. Sameul W. Sentell, JC Johnson, Troy Hudson, and Dr. Melba Ketchum.

Troy has led public expeditions for the BFRO from 2006-2009. It is well known by everyone that attended each of the expeditions that just about 94% of everyone on the expeditions either saw something, heard something, or experienced something that leaves them to believe that the Bigfoot do exist or there is more to learn. Troy has also led numerous private expeditions all over SE Oklahoma, NE Texas and parts of Central Texas. These expeditions too have yielding many experiences and eye witness to the fact that Bigfoot doe's exist. Here is Troy's comments:

" I do not and have not taken people privately out on expeditions for money, I have completed several private expeditions upon request that people get a chance to have some type of experience. I would say about 9 out of 10 people have walked away with a sighting and or an experience that they can not explain. What people do not understand that it is isn't the science that people can't believe, it is the fact that something like a Bigfoot can't exist because they were told as a child it is a big made up story and there is no way a 10ft bipedal creature that has a language and has children can live right under our noses and we can't find them. Man is too caught up in his ego and his believe that man is the only creature on this earth that is smart and doe's nothing wrong. I will say this, I heard this many years ago and still believe it today, a old Indian elder once said "Sasquatch, the Tall People, are here, they have always been here, Man can not see him because Man is blind to his own world". I have seen Dr. Ketchum attacked on the internet, radio, and from people in person. My question to the world is, why can't a young lady from East Texas be the one that has discovered what few people have failed at? Why can't a female be the one that has the proof along with the help of dedicated field researchers and private individuals such as Adrian Erickson? I think it is due to people's ego, everyone wants to be the one that discovered Bigfoot. We can't change our communities into more peaceful way of living, we can't stop hurting people, we can't change our way of partnership in working with other people for a common goal, but yet we can put a man on the moon, but yet the possibility of Bigfoot is so far fetched it causes animosity, hatred, and finger pointing among mature adults"

Troy has also explained that the Sasquatch Genome Project is working towards additional evidence collection and field research. Troy works with the Sasquatch Genome Project as a Tribal Liaison, he works with several tribal communities to better understand their belief's about the Sasquatch. In addition Troy has given lectures and presentations to public schools, community outreach programs, and Bigfoot conferences about the Sasquatch Genome Project and his experiences conducting field investigations.

Troy's final comments: "I do not believe a dead or live specimen of a Bigfoot is necessary for proof. Anyone that has seen the Bigfoot up close will tell you they are not going to try and shoot one nor are they going to attempt to try and dart one with tranquilizer. Anyone that really knows, knows these are not wild animals, they are not what most people think they are. They are a type of tribe, a type of people, and they have their own family networks. We should leave them alone, do not attempt to harm or capture them in any way. You ask, but you take people out into the woods to see them? No I take people out into the woods to hopefully educate them that the Bigfoot are not what they think they are. Do most of those people return from the woods with their minds changed? Some do, but most return with a more respectful approach to their beliefs about what truly is walking around in the woods at night. Your eyes will never lie to you, it is your brain that is the problem, we as adults are contaminated with stories from our childhood about Ghosts, and the paranormal. Your brain is your worst enemy when it comes to what you see and what you believe. Now under certain tribal belief's and customs there are other things that roam the earth that take on appearances that some people can be confused as to what they are seeing. That is a story for another time"

This article has no bearing nor has no direct affiliation to the members of the Honobia Bigfoot Club or the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission. It is nothing more than an article provided to give the reader another angle on the DNA aspects of the Sasquatch Genome Project.

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Investigative File Case 017-2014 "Retired-Tribal Police Officer Has Mulitple Encounters"

Investigative File Case 017-2014 "Retired Tribal Police Officer Has Multiple Encounters"

Open Case File  017-2014

Location: SE Oklahoma, LeFlore County

Case Type: Witness Accounts of Encounter

Time Frame: 1980's and 2008

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project
This investigator was contacted on August 9th, 2014 by a friend of the witness. This witness is a retired police officer with half of his career in municipal law enforcement and other half with a federally recognized tribe of North America. His name and department information withheld upon request of the witness. The events that are recorded below have occurred over a 20 year span. Some of the incidents mention have occurred in more than one county in the State of Oklahoma. The witness grew up in and around tribal communities and has lived the life of being taught traditional tribal values and customs. He had heard about the Sasquatch when he was growing up, as he can remember he was hearing the words "Wildman" or the "ancient ones". He also stated he remembers growing up that it was just myth or tribal stories from the elders to scare the kids from wondering to far from home. The witness (This investigator will call "William" for the sake of the public report) grew up in far NE Oklahoma. William has family stretching from NE to SE and over towards far Western Oklahoma.
William's first encounter was in 1988, he was driving with a friend to visit family in far SE Oklahoma. They were on a mountain top highway near Talimena Drive (Hwy 259) (July at 7:30PM) headed south when they started around a curve when something just off the road (passenger side) large and very dark in color attempted to step out onto the pavement stopped and spun around and darted up the hill. The passenger side of the vehicle would be facing the mountain side of the roadway. This area is very rugged terrain and complete forest timber on both sides of the road. What William described seeing is a dark figure, standing up right, and large upper body. He only glanced over to look when his friend gasp and sat up in his seat and said "watch out a...what the %^* is that". William said they were traveling 60-65 MPH due to the curve and the downgrade of the road. He was trying to watch the road and look over at the same time.
William's second encounter was in 1989, he was on patrol in a small community in far NE Oklahoma when he received a call about a vehicle accident that was on the other side of town out on a rural road, this time frame the county sheriff's office didn't have deputies out late at night. (December at or around 11:30 PM) The air temperature he recalls was in the lower 30s this time of year. He also stated the he remembers the wind was blowing like crazy making the wind chill to be in the mid 20s. He was driving with his emergency lights and sirens activated, he was headed out of town and slowed down to take a corner off a black top pavement onto a dirt road. When he started to go into his turn his headlights caught the glimpse of something standing on the dirt road estimated to be 40-50 yards in front of his patrol vehicle.  William said all he could see is it was upright dark black (head to toe) and it turned and took one step and disappeared off the side of the road. He said he remembered slowing down using his spotlight that is mounted on the driver's side to look into the ditch and wooded area off that particular side of the road. He only paused a few seconds, didn't see anything or any type of wildlife or "anything" that was similar to what he saw standing in the road. In his memory he said it looked like "a tall well built man wearing all black" He described what he can remember it could have been 6" to 7" feet tall and possible no less than 300 lbs.
William's third encounter was many years later in 2008, he was working as a Tribal Police Officer and was on an assignment in Oklahoma. (Unable to give exact location due to the sensitive nature of protected tribal land that is in public trust status). This location is populated with tribal housing and tribal community buildings that is surrounded by heavily wooded areas and river bottoms. This particular encounter was a radio call from dispatch about kids being "threatened and scared" of the "boogeyman" as some people call the Bigfoot. Dispatch also gave indications that there had been several calls about the "boogeyman" on previous shifts. William and another tribal officer went to investigate. This particular incident was in April or 2008 at or about 9:00 PM. Upon their arrival they met with 3 kids and two sets of parents that were standing in a yard of one of the homes that borders the river bottoms that the tree line comes within 50 yards of this particular home. They described seeing several sets of red eyes glowing and starring at them for hours on end, they report having small sticks and small rocks being thrown at them for couple of nights in a row. One parent said she was growled at by something that she could feel the strength of the growl in her chest that it scared her so bad that she wouldn't allow her children out at night for several days.  One of the fathers of the children told William and his father that one of the local elder's claims that it is the "Wildman" looking for children to steal and they should leave "them" alone and do whatever "they ask of the tribe". This being an elder later determined to be in his late 90s at the time of this incident. Everyone standing in the yard heard a large very noticeable tree branch/limb being broken just inside of the tree line. The kids screamed as well as the some of the parents standing there. William and his partner spun and started searching the tree line with their flashlights. One of their flashlights caught the momentary view of a large dark brownish face between two branches that appeared to be human in appearance. They describe it immediately covered it's face and made a verbal growl and heard large foot steps and running sounds going away from them into the river bottoms. There were continuous roving patrols of the areas for weeks with few related incidents from other tribal police officers.
William was completely determined to seek answers and find out why he has saw things that people claim that do not exist according to TV and science experts. He sought out elder after elder, read books and studied websites on the internet. One elder told him that the Bigfoot as "man" cause them, have been here for thousands of years and was part of creation. William said one thing that seems to be said by most elders from across tribal communities. "The Sasquatch or Hairy People are here because the Great Creator (God) put them here, they watch out of over us and one day they will walk right beside us just as they did hundreds of year ago"
Investigator's Notes: I spoke with William on several occasions to obtain these witness accounts. William has noted that most tribal people that he knows that are of age, that know about the Sasquatch will not talk about it to outside people, meaning non-native and sometimes not even their people of their own tribe. The importance of the knowledge of the Sasquatch is being lost by people that want to prove their existence and want to shoot one for science. This investigator has heard this more than enough times to know what is coming next. "They are a type of people, they are another tribe, they are created for a reason that God wanted for a purpose" William stated that some people get to see the Bigfoot more than once, some people never get to see the Bigfoot. It is a mystery that he will have to live with. There are no answers to life's problems and mysteries, only the adventure in the search of those answers. Future planned visits to talk with certain tribal elders are being organized to learn what other witnesses have experienced at these locations.
Case Status: Open for further Investigation
Insert: Pic of the Talimena Scenic Drive in Leflore County, SE Oklahoma

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Current Investigation File 010-2014 "Increased Activity at Rural Home" (Honobia, Ok)

Open Case File 010-2014

Location: SE Oklahoma, Pushmataha County, Near Honobia, Oklahoma

Case Type: Activity Increase at Rural Home

Time Frame: October 2013-June 2014

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

On 06-19-2014 I was contacted by Mr. ******** that lives near the Honobia, Ok community that has had some interesting and unexplainable things going on at his home. The witness name and exact location with held due to security concerns for his family and home. This witness has lived at this location for the past 17 years. The witness has noticed strange events going on his property since 2009. He doesn't believe in Bigfoot and never has seen one until just recently. The witness is married and has children. One of the children has seen something she described as a large bear that spoke a weird language towards her in the winter of 2009. (That is another investigation that will be posted) This particular investigation will deal with the events that has occurred since Fall of 2013. The witness has explained that he and his wife are not looking for publicity and do not want cameras or news channels at their home. They only are seeking assistance on how to handle these strange events with something that visits their home almost weekly throughout the year.

The witness has kept a written record of some events. Here are examples from some of his notes:

10-21-2013 9:45 PM Strange odor next to house. Smelled of wet dog with a sweet pungent odor. Wife looked out kitchen window and saw a large dark figure walking near back of the house. Family scared called county sheriff with possible burglary about to happen.

11-1-2013 11:22 PM Dogs barking at something near small shed on east side of the house. When I turned the porch light on the dogs ran onto the porch and seemed to be very scared looking in direction of the shed.

11-2-2013 9:00 AM While speaking of the dark shadow and dogs acting weird last night youngest daughter said she had seen something that was like a bear but taller that spoke something like Spanish or indian towards her three days ago. She was scared to say something in fear of us laughing at her.

12-13-2013 8:45 PM Loud scream from back down the hill of our house. Dogs started to whimper and whine while staring at the woods towards the east of the house. I researched the Internet and found several sounds that were similar and they all described it to be from a Bigfoot.

06-12-2014 11:10 PM I saw something tall and extremely big shouldered near the side of the road up near the mail box. I was getting a bag out of my truck when I raised up and I saw what I think was a very large Bigfoot standing just near the trees by our mail box.

Investigator's Preliminary Investigative Interview and Site Visit:

I arrived on 06-21-2014 at or around 9:30 AM. I observed the residence and area to be extremely rural with yard and residence in very good condition. No security lighting or camera security system in view. Nearest neighbor to location is little less than 3/4 of a mile. Residence is home to 2 small dogs and one large dog. No fence to yard and 2 other structures on property besides the main residence. I spoke with the home owner and his family for more than 2 hours. I was shown around the property and was given multiple accounts by the children as to where and what they have been seeing. I observed several stick structures that indicate to me that there is activity at the home. The home owner did explain he has not talked to any of his neighbors about the activity. He went onto explain that he had heard though the community "Gossip" about if people know you have Bigfoot at your home there are Bigfoot Researchers that will flood your property with cameras and guns wanting to hunt and kill a Bigfoot. The purpose of this investigation is to identify activity and presence of Bigfoot, assist the landowner in education onto how handle and what future steps should be performed to safely co-exist with the Bigfoot. The family is scared for their children and want to know that is safe for them to be outside with out parent supervision knowing that there is Bigfoots that roam the woods near their home.

Investigation is on-going and after completing a 8 hour preliminary investigation of the property I have concluded that there is more than a 95% likely hood of Bigfoot/Sasquatch presence on the property and they do have constant visits from them. There is a high probability of this residence being in a path/travel way that is why the Bigfoots are seen on the property at certain times and days of the week. During this investigation it has been discovered that their are similar activity at two other residence near this location. Future interviews of landowners are to be conducted for further information. Since the visit to the property I have been contacted by the homeowner and was informed of screams and what he described as loud knocking behind his house on 6-24-2014 at or around 10:30PM.

Case Status: Open

UPDATE: Investigation File #010-2014
                  Investigation Date: 08-08-2014

Family was visited on 08-08-2014 after this investigator was contacted that there has been an increase of visitations by the Bigfoot in the past week. Family has indicated that there seems to be more of them passing through. Listed below is the family's records of events and photographs of interesting stick structure discovered on their property.

08-01-2014 (5:45 AM) Father was leaving for work and when stepped outside he observed two large human like figures in the driveway near the road that is front of the house. (Investigator's notes: The father describes the figures to be both in the height range of 7-8 ft tall, dark human shape figures observed from a distance of approximately 100-120 yards)

08-03-2014 (9:00 PM) Family was in the house when something was thrown onto the porch, the family's dogs did not bark and nothing was found on the porch, the father did open the front door and then heard a faint whistle come from the north side of the house. Later in the night (11:30 PM) something hit the north side of the home with enough force the entire family heard it. (Investigator's notes: After interviewing the entire family separately they all had similar experiences of that evening, however the interesting part is the family's dogs were no were to be found that night, they said they never leave the yard area of the their home at night but maybe to chase deer or wild hogs. This particular night the dogs were not heard barking or heard in or around the house until the next morning)

08-04-2014 (10:15 PM) The mother describes a feeling of being watched through the kitchen window and uneasy feeling most of the evening since dinner (6:00 PM). The youngest child was looking out the sliding glass window in the dinning room and then screamed when he said he saw two red eyes glowing in the dark behind the shed west of the home. The father turned on the back light that illuminates the shed area. They observed nothing and within minutes after turning the light off, they heard the family dogs come around the side of the home and started barking in the direction of the shed. (Investigator's notes: The father said the dogs came around the back side of the house charging at something behind the shed and then stopped abruptly before the wooded area and then started to growl and bark towards the back of the shed)

08-06-2014 (3:00 AM) The family (Mother and Father) were woken up to the dogs barking non-stop and the kids coming into the bedroom to describe that some people are out their windows talking and laughing. The father entered the bedroom and then could hear what sounds like speech or someone talking out the kids window, but when looked out the window couldn't see anyone. The dogs stopped barking around 3:45 AM. (Investigator's notes: The father said that when he went into the kid's bedroom just before he started to turn on the light, he heard the noises outside he window, he described it to be two people talking and giggling but was unable to determine what language it was, it sounded muffled and very deep. He added that when he walked softly over to the window and peeked out the side of the shade, he couldn't see anything of anyone that was standing near the window or even out towards the tree line. He also stated that the dogs were on the other side of the house barking and running back and forth as if something was just inside the tree line near the shed. No other sounds were heard after the dogs stopped barking)

08-07-2014 (6:30 PM) The children were playing in the wooded area behind the home and discovered a interesting set of small trees bent over and connected to each other that forms a X. (Investigator's notes: I was shown the stick formation and will describe as a "Parallel X" since it is parallel to the ground, I have seen 3-4 other formations similar to this. This formation is approximately 50 yards directly behind the home and to the north of the shed to where most of the activity has been the past week)

Insert: Photo of possible X Formation on property of Investigation 010-2014
Insert: Close up of X Formation (010-2014)

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Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission (KMCM/a.k.a Christ 40 Acres) Gets a Facelift

If you had attended the Honobia Bigfoot Conference anywhere from 2007-2011, you may remember the "steel tent" and other buildings across Christ 40 acres. Well the Kiamichi Mission Director Artie Carnes and staff have been doing overtime getting the mission up to date and a facelift with numerous projects (See photos below). This years Honobia Bigfoot Conference at the mission is going to look a little different than most people will remember what things looked like in the past. Some of the things that haven't changed, there will be plenty of vendors of all kinds on hand, there will be food vendors, music entertainment, raffles, and plenty of camping for people that want to enjoy the outdoors of Honobia, Oklahoma. If you wish to find out more about the camping you can contact the Honobia Bigfoot Conference President Tom Hefner at

Insert: Kiamichi Mission Director Artie Carnes and staff member working inside the Steel Tent.

Insert: Working on the new stage.
Insert: What the new stage is going to look like! Awsome!
Insert: The Pavilion, for those that have never been to the conference. This is where the storytelling will be held each night.
Insert: The Dinning Hall, for those that remember this is where the conference will be held.
Insert: Honobia Bigfoot Club Patch