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Kiamichi Mountains Adventures (April 2016) Bigfoot Expedition Report

Date: April 2016

Location: Honobia, Ok

Expedition Attendees: 11

Weather: Clear and sunny during the day
                Fair and little moon at night

 This particular expedition was attended by several 2nd and 3rd timers. One group traveled from northern Oklahoma to attend their first expedition.

First night was the new attendees getting familiar with the area, breaking the group down into smaller groups of 5 and 6 members in each, several members of one group heard large footsteps walking just to the side of them in the heavy under brush. They also reported heavy breathing and a "huffing" sound as if something very large was breathing out its mouth.

During the same time frame the other group was just over 100 yards away and had one rock thrown at the feet of one member and two others observed something (5'6 or 5'9) cross a small path of to the side of the group. They also reported hearing footsteps all around their location.

The rest of the night was spent trying to discern what was either owl calls or vocalizations of something running through the woods.

Second night was at a different location, very little occurred in the beginning upon arrival, however just after one member made a vocalization there was repeated return calls similar to the one made by the expedition member. Several rocks were thrown near two of the members, one said he saw "something big squat down and crawl away" he said it was little over 80 yards away in some high grass near the tree line that the rocks appeared to have been thrown from.

The rest of the night was filled with rocks being thrown at several other members (very small rocks), the location where this had taken place was a stretch of dirt road along a creek, no trees over the road and large open field between the tree line and the members. Several spent most of the night attempting to explain the rocks, they couldn't wrap their minds around something throwing small pebble size rocks more than 100 yards with great accuracy.

It wasn't till all returned to the base camp that the night was well worth the trip for some. After arriving some stayed outside and built a fire and others went in for the night. The next morning it was learned that the ones staying up late observed one large upright man like figure cross a barbed wire fence and walk behind one of the structures on the base camp property. The distance was examined the next morning and estimated 200 yards away. There was some light from a distance structure that help illuminate the area making it little easier to see. The member described the figure as extremely large and with the help of the side of the structure's window ledge it was estimated to be 9 feet tall.  They said it never showed it's self again after they saw it walk behind the structure.

Final Notes: All in all a very good expedition, some walked away believers and some walked away wanting to come back next year.

(Insert: Very large rock stack discovered in a remote area of Honobia valley)

Good News in the Wind

It has been slow uploading sighting reports and posting information about the Honobia Conference. Sorry for that, we have been very busy, we are in the process of attending meetings with some organizations (we will announce later) to further the Honobia Bigfoot School Scholarship program.

It has always been a vision of Tom Hefner (Inspirational leader of the scholarship program) to extend the scholarships out into other school districts. Very soon members of the scholarship board will be meeting with a very large government entity to expand the scholarships. We will post the story soon as it becomes available.

Coal County, Oklahoma maybe getting their own Bigfoot conference and festival next year (2017) it is being discussed with numerous interested parties that it is very possible that in March of next year the Coal County area may have their very own conference, festival, and school scholarship programs. These events will not be in competition with Honobia, it will only benefit each other in the future. More information will be coming down the road soon as certain business developments have taken place.
The Kiamichi Mountains Adventures (Bigfoot Expeditions) are ready to start their fall expeditions, contact:     
for further information.

Investigative File Case 002-2016 "Atoka County Sighting"

Investigative File Case 002-2016 "Atoka County Sighting"

Closed Case File: 002-2016
Location: SE Oklahoma (Atoka County)

Case Type: Eye Witness Observed a Tall Bigfoot Walk Across the Highway

Time Frame: 2014 (April)

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This report was submitted to the investigator by mutual friend of a friend. The eyewitness is employed by the state of Oklahoma and was driving on county road in far northeast portions of Atoka County when he was coming around a curve on the road and observed a tall large upright figure walking on two legs cross in front of his vehicle approximately 30 yards away.

This sighting occurred in late April in the evening just before sunset, he observed the figure for no more than 3-5 seconds. He describes this figure to be no less than 8 feet tall and possibly 400-500 lbs, it had dark brown hair covering all of his body, he didn't get to see the face area, described the arms and shoulders to be very muscular. What strikes the eyewitness to the point he knew it wasn't someone playing games dressed in a costume, he sad it took three (3) steps to get across the road.

Further investigation revealed that this area of the county road is exactly 20 feet across, an attempt to move across this area in a normal stride was very difficult in 3 steps. The witness also made not of the fact that who or whatever this was, moved with grace and fluidness that led him to believe that it wasn't a man in a costume, that it was most likely a Bigfoot, he said he has never seen one but heard stories from locals that they have been seen in this area for more than 20 years.

Investigator's Notes:   This investigator works not very far from this location and is very knowledgeable of Bigfoot activity in this area of the county. Coffee shop talk has given some indications that there are several Bigfoots that have been observed over the past 6-7 years in this immediate area near this portion of the county road.