Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Middle of November 2015 Kiamichi Mountains Expedition Report

This expedition proved to be another worth wild trip. Specially for 7 newcomers to the Kiamichi Mountains Adventures (Sasquatch Expedition). The temperature on the first night were a little chilly. Not much activity other than some small rocks being thrown near some of the attendees. Couple of attendees observed very large upright shadows moving about several yards away in the timber. One whistle was heard at close range back at base camp.

The second night proved to be the deluxe expedition package. A different location was identified by some of the attendees for their group investigative site. This location is only described as a darkened area of the forest where hardly any lights or stars can penetrate the canopy of the trees. The group was broken down into different base camps. The first group a party of two was on sight for little less  than 30 mins when extremely bright eyeshine was observed (est 150 yards away). Multiple sets of eyeshine began to appear coming down a ridge line meeting up with the first set of eyes. The second base camp group was summoned to this location where everyone had the opportunity to observe the eyeshine from different angles. The estimated number of individuals (typical Sasquatch behavior) with eyeshine were between 4-6. Hard to count the exact number of them due to the eyeshine moving about so quickly. Movement was also seen by the way of shadows very close to the group (est 50 yards away).

Numerous strange sounds were observed, one good very close proximity "whoop" was heard. After returning to the main base camp, several members conducted discreet surveillance where number of eyeshine and tall large dark figures were observed back in the main base camp area. More information will be added soon as all attendees submit their own reports.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Oklahoma City News Channel 4 Visits Honobia, OK

Lance West from KFOR Oklahoma City Channel 4 drove all the way from OKC to visit the Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival site. Here is their story:


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kiamichi Mountains Adventures Spring 2016 Expeditions Open Schedule

Spring 2016 Expeditions for the months of March, April, and May are now being booked. Contact honobiaoklachito@gmail.com for further information. These expeditions are public events, there is a fee, contact the KMA for further details. The organizer and expedition staff have been conducting both public and private expeditions since 2006. They have the neccessary skills and education to lead people into the mountains of SE Oklahoma for a unforgettable experience. Safety is priority on field expeditions, there are members of the staff that have wilderness survival and wilderness search and rescue education and experience, so as ask, "yes, you will be in good hands".

If you ever have wondered what it would be like to actually go on a Bigfoot research trip, then now is the time, get off that chair, log off the internet and come out to SE Oklahoma for your own experience. Contact honobiaoklachito@gmail.com for your reservation on one of the Spring 2016 expeditions.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why Do Field Expeditions Matter? Research or Just Observe?

The Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival has been in operation since 2005. Since then it has grown immensely. The newest attraction that is connected to the conference portion is the field expeditions that are held throughout the year. The field expeditions are organized and led by one of the conference staff members and has been organizing field expeditions within the SE area of Oklahoma since 2006. Since 2006 there have been 30 public field expeditions on record and just over 20 private field expeditions.Why is that important? Well for one, the expedition staff have conducted enough of them to understand what works and doesn't work in the field. Sasquatch expeditions are not easy, you have to research/investigate enough areas to provide the attendees the "more than 50%" chance they may get to hear something, wish and pray that there is a better than 10% chance of someone getting to see something on the expedition.

There are a number of organizations and private individuals that provide field expeditions as well as "guided tours" into the wilderness for the purpose of educational and exposure to the world of "Bigfoot Research" some offer these excursions at a hefty price. Some will argue about the whole concept of charging for Bigfoot expeditions. In the case of the Kiamichi Mountains Adventures (which is the name of the Honobia expeditions) the decision to charge for these expeditions was examined, researched and questions for several years. The organizer and other staff members considered many options, having the attendees just pay for their own stay at cabins in the area, not everyone wanted to camp out under the stars, some attendees were not physically able to sleep on the ground, some wanted a more vacation style arraignment, the logistical matter of housing everyone, travel to and from the research site and accountability of all attendees during the expedition. After long and in depth discussions over the years the decision to charge was obvious. The amount was the most difficult one to make, the decision to charge different rates for different expectations is what is being suggested by all that attend the expeditions. Why is that so? Some people want different things when they attend any type of function or activity, in this case some want running water, showers, warm bed, and some want to sleep out and get the full experience of having something walk around your tent in the middle of the night. Do you charge for each member of the family? Do you give group rates? Do you pack them in to make the most of the money? or do you fill the expedition with people that have the right mindset? Do you take only the serious people? Do you fill only the number of people you feel safe in the field with? All questions plus more have come up over the years, So, we have settled with a suitable and affordable price for each packaged trip. (Contact honobiaoklachito@gmail.com for further details)

The expectation of what you will see and hear on a expedition is also a hard answer to give potential attendees. Each expedition is always different than the one before, never the same, just as anything in life. However you can ask any of the past attendees and they will tell you it is not what they expected. Like the organizer says's "I can't promise you a sighting or you will ever hear anything, but ask the previous attendees what they saw and heard" and it's true you can never predict the future, anyone that has ever gone on their own or a organized Bigfoot excursion that it's like fishing, sometimes you catch something and sometimes you don't. One thing that can be said about the Kiamichi Mountains Adventures, it's never boring and you learn more than just stuff about Bigfoot. You build friendships with people you never met, you learn more about the little part of Oklahoma few ever get to see or know about, you get to know little about the history of the state of Oklahoma you never heard about, and you get to use all of your senses at one time that most people hardly ever get the chance to do. The relaxation of being in the Kiamichi Mountains, where very little cell service, hardly no internet, and no TV allows you to concentrate of the quietness and the beauty of the mountains. In some cases possible Bigfoot prints (tracks) are discovered for the rare chance to attempt to track their travel paths. Just know that as long as any of the organizers have ever discovered a possible Bigfoot track they normally go for a few yards and then loose their track way, so no Bigfoot has ever been track down before. The organizers do a great job of directing the attendees on what to look for and how to look for clues, as well as what to look for in getting a sighting, YES, some people have seen a Bigfoot on one or more of the expeditions to these mountains. In all just a rough guess, that maybe out of all the public and private expeditions throughout the years, it can be proven that half the attendees have seen a Bigfoot, just about all can say they have heard things they can't explain and all can give witness to saying they got more out of the expedition than they ever thought.

The early spring (March, April, and May) Part of early summer (June) and through the fall to early winter (October, November, and December) are the open season for expeditions, the extreme heat and freezing cold has proven to be "no-go" for the Bigfoot as we like to call it. I would be safe to assume that the Bigfoot stay somewhere else, so we stay some where else as well. Just about all the trips are really a time of learning to observe or learn to use more of your observations skills than anything. Some trips there are times where collecting research data and possible evidence, depending on what happens on each trip usually will dictate what happens. Only thing that has a schedule for the expeditions are the meals, we 'go with the flow", you can't set your watch to Bigfoot time, and they are highly unpredictable so we learned along time ago whey try and go out at a certain time to do a certain activity, when the Bigfoot make it up as they go, so we like to call it "activity driven" schedule. The organizers have been in the field for more than 80 years (combined experience) so they know usually when the Bigfoot activity is and when it's isn't.

So the final question, is it worth the money? Depends on what you were expecting, as we said earlier that most get out of it more than they were expecting. You can read about Bigfoot on the computer, watch a TV show or a movie, read a book, but you can not replace any of that except for "real world experience". You can't make anyone a believer in Bigfoot, but what you can do, is show them the world of Bigfoot research and let them make up their own mind.

Insert: Tim (One of the organizers-standing to the right) is working with the two attendees from Canada on what to look for as far as evidence.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival Post Report

This year' event was the biggest yet. We are still counting the attendance for both the festival and conference. However here was what went on:

There were more food vendors than last year. There were more things for the kids to do. There were some new vendors related to Bigfoot this year. If you were to drive around the property of Christ 40 acres you would have noticed that just about all the RV hook-ups were occupied and we had campers still arriving come Saturday. During the days of Friday (Oct 2nd) and Saturday (Oct 3rd) there were estimated to be at least 280 people camping (including vendors and staff) on the property. Estimated attendance to the festival for both days over 1900 (official count not in)

The conference was a great success. Conference staff was approached by many to voice their opinion that this year will be hard to beat. There was a who's who in the crowd at the conference, M.K. Davis was spotted, Craig Woolheater (Cryptomundo), Lyle Blackburn (author and researcher), and the well known spearkers Ron Morehead, Scott Nelson, Harvey Pratt, and Dr. Web Sentell. When the TV show cast from "Killing Bigfoot" was in the room asking questions, you couldn't find a empty seats, actually staff had to search for extra chairs, at one point there were more than 250 people counted in the room and more walking in. Unofficial estimated attendance for both days were over 900.  During the conference Tom Hefner (Past Committee President) the founder of the Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship asked conference organizer Troy Hudson to step up and announced that the Honobia Bigfoot Conference had donated $500.00 dollars to the Murray State College Folklore class for further educational functions. Prof Marvin Leeper the lead instructor for the folklore class was on hand to accept the donation. There were multiple students from the class and Murray State College on hand, including one that actually was awarded the school scholarship from Clayton schools to attend Murray State College this year.

The storytelling again was a big hit with everyone. People came from all over Oklahoma just to attend the storytelling. One family drove all the way from Oklahoma City just to attend storytelling. Young and old, tall and short got up and told their stories. Friday nights attendance by the peak of the night was 275 and Saturday nights count was 312.

                               (Choctaw Nation Tribal Police Stopped by to enjoy the festival)

(Conference attendees enjoy a presentation from Ron Morehead)
(Activities under the steel tent)
(Prof. Marvin Leeper MSC, Bigfoot School Scholarship Recipient Katie Austen and Troy Hudson Conference Organizer)

(Storytelling about to get underway)
(Storytelling from another view)
(Story Board: Where are you from? California, Michigan, New Mexico, and Nebraska)
(KFOR Channel 4 out of Oklahoma City drove down to interview the staff about the conference and festival)
(Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Travel Plazas were on hand to sale their merchandise)

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Update (Just One Month Away)

Hello Folks

The days are counting down. Here is some of the latest information coming in from the Honobia Bigfoot Conference Staff.

ATTENTION!!! We have an exciting announcement about this year's Honobia Bigfoot Conference (Oct 2nd-3rd). The same Executive Producer and Film Crew that brings us the thrilling "Biggest & Baddest" program on National Geographic Wild http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/biggest-baddest/ will be at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival & Conference filming and conducting interviews for the soon to be hit show http://www.destinationamerica.com/…/killi…/meet-the-hunters/ , "KILLING BIGFOOT" airing on the "Destination America" channel early 2016. Following presentations by Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell, Harvey Pratt, Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson..Members from the "Killing Bigfoot" cast will give their presentation..making statements and also taking questions regarding their views on harvesting a specimen to prove Bigfoot's existence to science. Yes, the title of the show is controversial, as is the action it implies. Please note the Show's presence at the Conference in no way implies that the Honobia Bigfoot Conference supports efforts to kill a Bigfoot; nor should this statement be interpreted in any way as a statement against the "Killing Bigfoot" TV series. The Honobia Conference regards the subject of Bigfoot as a serious topic. Part of the discussions anywhere about Bigfoot are always going to include a discussion on what evidence will be needed to prove to the scientific establishment and to academia that Bigfoot does indeed exist. We noticed this statement on the "Killing Bigfoot" Facebook page... https://www.facebook.com/killingbigfoot?fref=ts "...the no-kill group who believe Bigfoot is human-like and should only be communicated with, from afar and be left alone: they will have their day and will be heard loud and clear in the series." The Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff realizes full well the explosive nature of the subject but does not expect there to be any type of misconduct
from either side of a debate. Please come join us at Honobia! Everyone is welcome to listen to and participate in the discussions, meet the great lineup off guest speakers, including some of the cast from the "Killing Bigfoot" TV series, PLUS...meet the show's Producer, Peter Von Puttkamer, and members of his film crew...you may even wind up on TV

There are numerous vendors scheduled to be there (30) one will be from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, they will be on hand to sale their Choctaw Bigfoot shirts.
Make sure you are there Friday night for storytelling. It starts just before sundown, it will be held on the little hill across from the steeltent next to the pavillion.
We have also heard a rumor that one of our staff members has been asked to be on a world wide recognized radio show (Coast to Coast AM) on Saturday September 26th. Soon as we have more details we will post it here on our blog. Time is counting down, see everyone soon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Number One Question: What is a Bigfoot/Sasquatch? Fallen Angels or Demonic Spirits?

First thing to say here: Any and all statements read below are not associated, spoken of, agreed upon, and/or recorded from any member of the staff of the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission. This article is a direct copy of statements and written investigative reports from one of the Honobia Conference Staff members. Also note that any and all statements read below do not reflect any ideas or conclusions of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. What we are trying to say here is this article is the direct and solitary investigative findings of Troy Hudson, which just happens to be one of our staff members. His findings, theories, plausibility, and evidence has been a lengthy task of in-depth research of conversations with tribal elders, historians, clergymen, university professors, Biblical readings, and historical literature.  

Excerpts from Mr. Hudson's Investigative Reports

Date 04/03/2008

"It is my belief that after multiple discussions with tribal elder M.W. I am left with more questions than answers. I am only left to believe that maybe the Bigfoot are no more than relatives of ancient humans of considerable stature"

Date 11/21/2010

"I have spoken with many witnesses and one elder of the Caddo Tribe, he explained that the Bigfoot were here before his tribe was, according to his ancestors spoken through tribal stories is that when they arrived in eastern Oklahoma, there were giants of great significance already here" The Caddo tribe were in Oklahoma and Eastern Texas hundreds of years before the Choctaw or Cherokee.

Portions from a narrative investigative report on file from Mr. Hudson

" I am more confused than I ever have been. The more I research, the more I ask questions about who, what, when, where and Why. I am left with more questions than answers. I have been directed to the Bible more than once. However this is my theory on the Bible answer to the Sasquatch.  In my own personal Christian pursuit of God's Word I have only been left with which Bible is correct. The more I study the Bible the more I see that there is more than 20 versions of the Bible, then I find out that the original text of Hebrew and Greek has been translated like 50 times or more. So in retrospect, what am I really reading. Man has done more harm than good. What we now have a fast-food way of reading the Bible, made easier and faster to understand the way God really wanted us to know him?
Maybe man wanted some things left out, such as the Book of Enoch, I am told and have read that most of any religious or Christian community will not agree on what is written in the Book of Enoch, however Enoch appears in the Bible multiple times. Why do I bring this up, I have read the Book of Enoch and it describes beast, creatures, and spirit like forms related to Bigfoot.
Throughout the Bible in modern terms there are indications of giants, also known as "men of renown" "sons of men", the fallen angels. But they were wiped out in the first flood, according to the Bible. I was informed by a tribal elder that there were two sets of fallen angels, pre and post flood. Things are getting more confusing in my opinion. Most Bigfoot researchers and non-believers will not accept the fact that the Bigfoot could be "fallen angels". "

"I have more complex questions that have no way of being validated. I have spoken to several tribal elders and historians lately and I am more confused than ever before. I have been told that some tribal culture believes the Bigfoot are earthbound flesh and blood with magical powers. I am also told they are spirit beings with abilities that fare exceed our grasp of reality"

"In my own research of the Bible and other Biblical readings, I find it interesting that some chapters of the Bible (both NIV and KJV) indicate that there are different periods of angels upon the earth in different periods of times. Could it be that the second fall of angels are what we see now. If the DNA from Dr. Ketchum's findings are correct and some weird findings from other DNA projects indicate that the DNA from the female side of the Bigfoot have trace of human and the male Bigfoot are unknown to science then, what if? What if they are generational? If they have children like we do, and they have generations of themselves same as we do. Then certain aspects of tribal wisdom and aspects of the Bible can be correct. But to have the norm agree would be more of a battle than trying to push a school bus up Mt. Everest."

"There is no more evidence than science, according to public opinion. I would like to think I agree with old native wisdom, you never challenge what the Creator created. He created this world for us to respect and us to live in harmony with, not to dissect it or put it under a microscope. Science has done good, certain advance medical cures for disease and cancer,etc. But bringing new age technology to understand old ancient knowledge has only brought arguments in different schools of thought. Again I bring the Bible into this, too many scholars has tried to decipher what the Hebrew language meant in the Bible. I have researched dozens of articles on that different schools of thought in translations of ancient texts of what was originally written by Paul, David, Joshua, Samuel, etc. How do we know that what we read today is the original words of these great men. Everything has been turned around or influenced to make us agree with the scholars and government officials in what they want us to believe and how we live our lives. I am not trying to sound like a conspiracy theory weirdo here I am just saying I have read article after article that leaves me more confused on what the truth really is. Maybe the truth lies in each one of us, what we only believe in our own hearts and minds."

"If the DNA (Sasquatch Genome Project) has evidence that supports that the female Bigfoot DNA suggest that they are angelic and they are very old in nature, then why doesn't the Bible support the theory of them being related to the "men of renown", several Choctaw elders have referred to the Bigfoot of the "men of old" "men of renown". Some tribal people fear the Bigfoot, saying they are of "God's people" they are of explanations we can not even try to comprehend. Some tribal people fear them because they do not get a good vibe from them. I have been told there some good and some bad, if that is true they are like us, look at our world today, the mix of human behavior, I am told within the Bigfoot world of the creatures themselves they are looked at as good and bad. Some countries such as over in Nepal, they are described as a "holy creature" they have magical powers, healing and other incomprehensible abilities. There are stories after stories of them stealing children, women, etc but at the same time I find stories after stories of them helping man, actually defending man against other beasts of the earth. So what is it, are they good or bad?"

"Now the argument of killing one for science or leave them alone? I say leave them be, I can recall multiple stories such as the shooting in Honobia, Ok (http://www.bfro.net/avevid/ouachita/siege-at-honobia.asp) there are several other shootings I have heard and help investigate, they all turned out to be very negative and/or have caused major issues in the lives of the people involved. I have seen certain government intervention, I have heard of locals causing such a headache and torment to the people involved they sold everything and moved away. So again the shooting one for science maybe a very well thought of plan, thinking it will help answer the ultimate question, but those who have partaken this action has nothing to show other than mental stress and PTSD, "nothing to show for their actions".  There are story after story of them being struck by vehicles and leaving the scene, being shot by large caliber rifle ammunition into their chest area and still walking off. Just for sake of argument, in my opinion if they are what people say, or the Bible suggest they are, it is better to leave them alone then join the few that have and have regretted ever pulling that trigger"

Below are some references that Mr. Hudson used in his research. There will be more added later. Enjoy!






Monday, July 13, 2015

Honobia Bigfoot Conference and the Honoring America's Warriors Join Forces

This past weekend (July 10th and 11th 2015) the Honobia Bigfoot Conference, Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission, and the Honoring America's Warriors joined forces to introduce veterans from all over Oklahoma to Bigfoot.  The Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff were contacted by the Executive Director & Co-Founder Scotty Dee to obtain contact information for a "Bigfoot Guide".  This information was passed onto one of our staff members Troy Hudson. Both Hudson and Dee began a communication trail that led them to host their event at Christ 40 acres and to conduct a mini-Bigfoot Conference for the veteran organization. This idea was met with excitement and eager anticipation that would not knowing anyone would lead to a great partnership not only between the veteran's organization, but the community of Honobia and everyone involved. This Bigfoot event just didn't stop with Bigfoot. Hudson had reached out to one of his contacts in law enforcement and came up with the idea that some of the veterans, veteran's family, and anyone within the Honobia area would be interested in taking the State of Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Concealed Handgun Class) that too was a great opportunity for everyone involved to bond and create friendships.

The weekend started on Friday (July 10th) some started to arrive early and get things set up. Hudson took a few out for them to see some of the Honobia valley and some of the areas where they would be going at night. First thing out of the weekend that proved to be worth the idea of coming to Honobia is fresh (hours old) bear tracks were observed up on the ridge where the Bigfoot expeditions some times take place.

Later that evening several more of the veteran's group started to arrive, they had dinner and organized their night time outing with several on ATV's and some in 4x4 vehicles. They set off for the mountains, organized in semi-military fashion patrols, they base-camped on top of a ridge. Most of the night was coyote calls being heard and brief but (only few heard) very low growl heard near one f the groups. They turned in early since Saturday was going to be a full day and night of events.
Saturday was up and early for breakfast and lectures. Honobia Bigfoot Staff member Troy Hudson spoke on local history and Native American culture/legends of the Bigfoot. Professor Marvin Leeper (Murray State College) also gave a presentation on local legends and folklore that are related to Bigfoot.
Lunch was followed by OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Certified CHL Instructor)
David Mauk of Coal County, gave an outstanding class on handgun safety and state/federal laws pertaining to concealed handgun possession.
Saturday's night time events was rather interesting to say the least. Several people observed tall human shaped figures moving about the tree lines and several unexplained vocalizations were heard. A new style glow stick (mini-flashlight combo) was placed in a low hanging tree branch 150-yards down the road from the main group. This glow stick has a off and on-button, it has three stages of light patterns the stick makes. Several times the group observed the stick being turned off, there is no auto-on and off for this type of glow stick. There are no immediate answers on how the glow stick was turned off. Several members walked down to the stick and turned it back on, note as said before there are three stages of the patterns the stick makes. So it is not like it just accidently turned off. It has to be cycled through one of the patterns before the light will go off completely.  Some of the grouped returned to base camp and some remained behind. The few (7 staying behind) observed a few rocks being thrown within feet of some of the group. All in all a group night for meeting new friends and building camaraderie between the veterans and the community of Honobia.
Sunday was Church service and breakfast. Everyone said their good-byes and future events between the KMCM and Honoring America's Warriors has been established.
We want to thank Scotty Dee from Honoring America's Warriors (honoringamericaswarriors.org) and Artie Carnes, Director Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission for a great weekend.
By the way did you know we have our own American Warrior among our staff, Yes, Troy Hudson also is a veteran, he served in the first Gulf War with the US Navy (1988-1991) and completed six years with the US Naval Reserves Underwater Mine Warfare.

Friday, July 3, 2015

SE Oklahoma Bigfoot Field Expeditions "Testimony from Attendees"

In earlier part of 2015, a few members of the Honobia Conference Staff started coordinating and leading very small groups of people into the Kiamichi Mountains that surround Honobia for a slight chance to have a Bigfoot encounter. Some members of the staff have several years coordinating and leading Bigfoot field expeditions with other national recognized Bigfoot research groups. Combined with other field researchers and scientist they have more than 80 years experience.

Attendees of the expedition is fully aware that the chance to actually see a Bigfoot is very little. Every year novice researchers and interested people a like spend hours and hours in the field trying to get their chance to catch a glimpse of a Bigfoot. Our expedition attendees are also told that we (Honobia Bigfoot Conference Staff) are not claiming to be experts at this. However we have been doing this a number of years and have discovered techniques, methods of investigations, and/or its just plain luck that has been so successful. Together our staff have tried to keep an accurate count of eyewitnesses on our expeditions, excursions, outings, and field trips (whatever you want to call them) there has been so many public and private trips, but to give a ratio, it's in the neighborhood of 7 out of 10 people get to have a visual experience of seeing one at night, 3 out of 10 see one during the day time, and 9 out of 10 usually get to hear something that they can not explain.   If you want any information about future field expeditions (Public and Private) please contact  honobiaoklachito@gmail.com   for more information pertaining to the locations, dates, and fees.

Here are some testimonials from past attendees:

Dear Troy

I attended the April 3-4 trip to Honobia. I just wanted to say I had a great time. I enjoyed the people of the town, the little cafĂ© where we ate. I was blown away at what little effort it was to travel to a location where you pointed out what direction the Sasquatch would come from and how for everyone that was there to use their senses to determine that there was something walking around in the woods. However I did not get to see one in full body. My half-sister did and she still talks about it every day. I was amazed of how your staff seemed so at-ease and calm during the trip, acted as if you have done this so many times. I myself were shaking in my boots, the sounds they made. I could not sleep a wink that whole night. I will never forget that weekend. I would like to attend another private expedition. Thank you is not enough.


Tulsa, Oklahoma

The weekend expedition that I attended June 26-28, 2015, far exceeded my expectations of experiencing bigfoot behavior.  It was an awesome and amazing adventure that overwhelmed my senses of reality and perception of the natural world. I had expected maybe some audible evidence and footprints, but to have the experience of observing a large bigfoot crossing the road, plus tree-knocks, rock-clacks, rock-throwing, tree-snaps, screams, mumbling, chattering and footprints was astounding in such a brief time-frame. I truly enjoyed the trip to such a beautiful part of our state and meeting the other participants who became close friends in bigfooting.  The town of Honobia was a friendly and fascinating place. A very special part of the trip was getting to experience the bigfoots with my brother Keith, with whom I share a life-long interest in bigfoot. Thank you, Troy, for organizing and leading the expedition, as well as, for your patience and time sharing your knowledge and skills with us novices. Certainly this adventure will not be forgotten in our family.  I look forward to participating in future expeditions with you and your team. Thanks, again, for a life-changing experience.
Yukon, OK.


The trip to Honobia totally exceeded any and all expectations.  I had envisioned maybe hearing some tree knocks or a faint distant howl of some sort.  However, what I experienced was totally the opposite.  I saw a large bipedal creature standing in a road  about a 150 yards away.  This creature then moved off the road in one easy stride that would have taken a human 3 or 4 steps easily to maneuver.  I also heard tree knocks, guttural moans, rocks being clacked together, footsteps in the forest, rocks being thrown toward our group, and two sets of very loud and distinct screams.  All of this I was able to witness with my brother, Evans, along with observing footprints, tree bends, and unusual markings.  This was an awesome weekend in such a beautiful part of the state.  The local people there are very friendly and seem to embrace this creature of a natural part of their everyday lives.  I look forward to returning  this area in the future and going back out with your group. Thank you so much for setting up these expeditions and your willingness to share your passion in discovering these amazing creatures. 

Sugar Land, TX

Mr. Hudson

 Thank you for a awesome weekend. I never knew it was going to be that easy. You did say you can not promise anything. I have to say you know your Bigfoot. Well worth the money. I love that part of Oklahoma, so beautiful. Thank you again.

Sue E.
Enid, Oklahoma

Dear Troy

I want to send my deepest thank you for a great experience. It was way more than I realized. The Bigfoot or Sasquatch is way more complicated than I ever imagined. Again, thank you so much.

Pamela L
Coweta, Ok

Dear Troy

I can not say enough for how things went. I am shocked and just beside myself. You read on the internet of how elusive these Bigfoot are. You showed me how easy it is to go out and do what you do and then they just came to us. My daughter has not stopped talking about Saturday night. All the screams and howls, I am still in amazement on what goes on in the woods at night when people are asleep. They are mising a whole other world. Thank you so much for your patience and time.

Kelly J
Dallas, Texas


.........you and your team are the best, you guys know more than any TV show or Bigfoot group. I would like to extend my sincere feelings of the best weekend I have ever had in the woods. I don't know what I saw exactly, but it was no bear or human. Thank you again Rene.

Austin, Texas


Spent the weekend of October 30 and 31st and wow what an adventure. Although one night was disrupted with light rain we still had stone throwing activity. The following night it seemed no matter where we went stick, stones and pine cones where tossed at us. Wouldn't stop playing with us even back at camp. Might have even been disappointed with us when we went to bed. Seemed to me to be a juvenile or 2 having a little fun. Heard a screams in the distance. Thank you Troy Hudson for an awesome weekend. I will be back. So much more to see and learn.

North Carolina

Troy:Kiamichi Mountains Adventures

My family did a mini expedition with Troy Hudson and Farlan Huff and let me tell you, we saw and experienced things that blew me away! Troy had told me that the bigfoot will come to you and boy was he right! After seeing lots of eye shine out in the woods and what looked like a bright 'orb' flying inside the tree line, we got even more action back at our campsite! Farlan had an amazing experien...ce as one approached our RV after we returned to the campground. The next evening, we decided to just hang around the campground and bbq and see if they would return. That night, we had rocks land behind our chairs and what can only be described as a fast moving stick flying above our heads, as well as foot falls and lots of movement in the shadows. I highly recommend attending an expedition with Troy for an amazing experience.

More testimonials will be posted soon.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Future Post: Collection of Interviews with Tribal Elders

The Beginning

"1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

It is written in the Bible, God created everything. According to native legends from all over North America, including some of the tribal communities of the First Nations of Canada there is a Creator. God. Each tribe may have another name for the Creator. Some believe in the Christian God and some do not. Multiple variations of the creation of earth and their tribe still exist today. This article will give evidence of multiple stories verbatim from tribal elders from around the US.  This collection of tribal elder belief's of what Bigfoot maybe has been a long 6 years. Most of these have been collected from over the phone interviews and several are from actual sit down conversations. These are word-for-word nothing has been deleted or added. The Honobia Bigfoot Conference administration stands neutral in the decision of what or who the Bigfoot may or may not be.

#1 Sioux Tribe (North America) Lakota Elder

"The Lakota Sioux do not normally talk about the Big Man. That is what they are called to our people. He is the Big-Brother to us, in the Dakota dialect they are called "chiye-tanka"  it means great or big elder brother. He (Bigfoot) knows everything, he is wise of us and the universe. He is also known as a trickster, shapeshifter. They can take on many forms. He is both physical and spiritual being. Today they are not talked about by many people. They are seen up in the mountains, not here down low. I have been told by several other elders that they are here to help us, man, meaning our people to respect what the creator has put for us. We disrespect our blessed giving's and the chiye-tanka is distant from us"

#2 Northwest Tribe (Name requested to be withheld) North America

"I will talk briefly, we do not talk about the Bigfoot. I will share this, "the hairy giant that steals children" it is our legend that the giants, you call Bigfoot or Sasquatch are stealers of children. They have taken and they have given. They live in caves, they are creations different than us. Man has not respected them for a long time. I do not know what they are, other than I am told by the old ones, that they (Bigfoot) are a spirit, but lives in flesh". That is all I will say.

#3 Choctaw Nation (North America-Eastern Oklahoma) Choctaw Elder

"I am 81 years old, my father before he died was 97, when he was a little boy about 7 or 8 years old was told of the giants of the woods. I have heard many names over the years. But traditional Choctaw name is given as "shampe".  Meaning he is unpleasant to look at, ugly. He is not good to some, I am told he steals children and women. That is what I am told they use to do, not now, the Bigfoot are wise and know that if they continued to do what they use to white people would hunt them down. We would too.  I think the shampe and your Bigfoot are two different beings, the old and what was told. Your Bigfoot is a much more personal being of what is there, they only steal food from people. They keep to themselves and live their lives apart from us. I believe that they have a meaning to be here as we do, I feel they are protectors of something here on Earth. I don't know what, but they watch and listen to us. I feel they are watching everything we do, if you live here in the country, they are there, you just do not know it. People need to understand they are not to be hunted, and people should leave them alone"

#4 Choctaw Nation (NA-Southern Oklahoma) Choctaw Elder introduced to me by Elder #3

"I was born in southern Oklahoma in 1930, I went to a school for indian children, I enisted in the US Army in 1949, was sent to Germany in 1950, where I spent 2 years as a mechanic. I met another indian from Oklahoma, Marty was his name he was from Kellyville, Ok (Northeastern) We became good friends and spent many nights talking about home, one night talked about our tribes history, Marty was Cherokee, he spoke of folklore alot, the"Little People" that were like medicine magicians and would also be very mischievous, but it was the Bigfoot that we talked about for endless hours, Marty would also call them "Giants from the sky" he used Cherokee but I forget how it was spelled or even how to pronounce it.
Marty said his father would tell of great elders of the tribe that would tell of a time when man would converse with the Bigfoot, I asked him about the name he used, all I can remember is he said that the Bigfoot came from above, not like in a space craft or anything like that, he said, they came from heaven, they were not suppose to be here, but they are, we have known about them for many years. My time was up and came back to Oklahoma and started to work in the forestry service as a firefighter, I did that for couple of years and then moved to Arkansas to join the highway department. I lived near Union Town, Arkansas and had 20 acres with a small house. One night in the summer of 1959 I was coming home from work and stepped out of my truck and heard this scream that was so loud it hurt my ears, it came from behind my home, I became concerened it was a mountain lion and ran into my home to retrieve my rifle, I had a old western style 357. cal lever action by the door.
I went to the kitchen window looked around, never saw anything and did not hear another sound the rest of the night. It was 3 days later I heard the sound or scream again this time it was in the early morning just before day light, my bedroom window was slightly open, I had no air conditioning in those days, the scream sounded like it was not to far off and to the north. While laying there I remember the stories from Marty about the Bigfoot screams and noises they make.  Later that day I was at work and drinking coffee with two other men about my age, I asked them straight, have any you ever seen a Bigfoot around here, one of them named Steve, didn't say a word and actually just sit looking at his coffee cup, the other one his name was John looked at Steve, looked down and cleared his voice and asked me "Why do you ask that" I said I think I am hearing one at my house, John said "you know the old timers around here, specially indians will not talk about the Bigfoot", Steve looked over at me and said your Indian aren't you, have you not heard about the Bigfoot from your Dad or someone? I didn't know what to say, little embarrassed about not knowing some of my own folklore and culture that related to the Bigfoot, but again more wondering why my own father never told me the things I have learned from Marty. Well I learned why from John, we sat and drank our coffee in silence, several other co-workes came in and sat down, John said we will finish this later.
Two nights later John came over to my home and we sat out front in the yard, John was from Northern Arkansas, he said he grew up in the mountains of the Ozarks and came from a very pour family, he was of german and italian decent, is father came to America in the early 1900s to find work. John lived in a small home (he called it a shack) just outside of what is now Bella Vista. John explained that while he was growing up he heard the strangest and scary sounds coming from the ridgetops of the mountains around his home, his father had a friend that was Indian, he did't remember what tribe or what language he would speak, his father's friend told him and his brother's one night, that (he would point towards the direction the sounds would come from) that is the screams from the old ones, they are people of the forest, they do not speak to us, they are not our enemy, but they are also not our friends, they live in their own world, they walk like we do, but they are not like us, and they do not live in houses like us. John said his father asked his friend where do they come from? All that he remembers hearing is "They came from above" they are not from here. This elder began to gather as much stories and information as he could, he wanted to know more, it wasn't until 1978 when he had conversation with an elder from the Creek Nation that he heard other names for the Bigfoot. It is now after all these years that he has realized that the Bigfoot is not talked about publicly by native people for one reason, "the rest of the world is blind to the truth". what he is referring to is, since we have technology, we have busy lives, and we are always in a hurry, we have not taken the time to see who we are and where we have came from. To this elder, Bigfoot is a sign and a message that we need to realize our world is more than just water, land, and people. The bigger picture we are missing, the Bigfoot is not a monkey or a ape of some kind, it is a breathing, living, and real creation of something God had no intentions of creating, they are here among us to live out their lives til the Lord comes back. I will write what I know and more of what I have heard from others. (I will upload to a new post soon as I have received it)


Monday, June 22, 2015

Investigative File Case 005-2015 "Campers See Strange Things in the Woods"

Open Case File  004-2015
Location: SE Oklahoma (Near Daisy, Ok)

Case Type: Eye Witnesses Observed Possible Sasquatch

Time Frame: 2015 (May)

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This report was submitted to the investigator through a law enforcement contact. The law enforcement officer (LEO) was contacted by the owner of the property where the incident occurred. The LEO contacted this investigator 2 weeks after the incident.
The location of the incident is private property and the owner along with several friends were camping over a weekend in order to cleanup up after recent storms and high winds that had knocked several large trees down across trails that are used to travel back and forth between the hunting areas and main roads that lead to the property. This particular weekend saw heavy overcast and no moon, light rain off and on most of the day and night. The second night of their stay proved to be a night everyone will never forget.
The day was spent running a chain saw and moving heavy brush, one of the campers (nicknamed Bill) said he remember while he worked, he had the uneasy feeling of someone watching him all day long. The property owner (nicknamed Adam) said he had felt the uneasy feeling in the past but just passed it off as being far out in the "boonies". The third friend (nicknamed Steve) said he remember hearing whistles coming from the woods during the day while one of the other's were running the chain saw, but never put much thought into it, he thought he was just hearing the chain saw making echo sounds through the trees. It was later in the night after it had gotten dark that it was only Steve by the camp fire thinking of turning in. All three had separate small pump tents that they were using. Steve began to hear what he described as "heavy foot steps" in the woods juts outside their camping area. The foot steps were coming from behind Adam's tent. Adam called out to Steve, "hey what the heck are you doing behind my tent?" Steve replied it wasn't him and that he was still sitting by the fire".
Both Adam and Bill got dressed and stepped out of their tent to find Steve sitting by the fire trying to add more wood. Adam saw a wild look on Steve's face and asked what's wrong.
Steve pointed over between Adam's and Bill's tent and said "I just saw huge (curse word) red eyes about 9 feet off the ground" All started putting more firewood onto the fire, Bill went back for his flashlight. Adam said he heard something breathing really hard just as Bill unzipped his tent.
Bill stepped back over the fire and started to scan the dense woods behind their tents. Just then all three heard something crashing through the woods behind them, they spun and Bill pointed his flashlight in that direction. Soon as he pointed it in the area of the noise, all three heard a loud growl with what sounded like to them tree branches being broken in a manner only described as someone being extremely angry. All three took turns retrieving rifles and hand guns from their tents and vehicles. Adam was asked by Steve and Bill what the heck is on your property, "Bigfoot?" Adam replied "I know I heard stories but I don't believe it" "It has to be a bear". They all started to scan 360 degrees around their camp, at one point Bill saw what is referred to as eye shine, he described it as two huge eyes reflecting off his flashlight. He yelled out and Adam said he just saw the reflection when whatever it was backed further into the darkness. When all three started to talk about what is going on, Adam said what ever the eyes are they are at a minimum of 8 feet above the ground or something in a tree.
It remained quiet the rest of the night, all three remained awake and the next morning they searched the area behind their tents, they discovered only 1 inch diameter branches being broke at the height of 7 feet but they were very skeptical due to wind damage within the forest from the heavy storms a week before.  

  Investigator's Notes: This investigator talked with the landowner over the phone on several occasions. His story never changed and you can hear the concern in his voice as to what they all saw that night. Since this incident he will only go to the property armed and with someone else. There are no structures on the property, he or no one else stays on the property. It is only used for camping and hunting throughout the year. "Bill and Steve" were interviewed over the phone separately and their stories also were similar to the owner's but their voices seem to be honest and with concern as to what they encountered that night left them with questions. All three are in their mid-30's and have more than 60 years of hunting and woodland skills combined. They all said it could be a bear, but it was Steve that said what he observed very briefly with the eye shine seemed like a man's eyes shining in the glimmer of light from the camp fire. He said he only saw it less than a second was very tall and the shadow of the tent from the campfire blocked his view. There were no odors associated with bears. While he was sitting there and Adam/Bill was getting out of their tents, he knew in his heart that wasn't a bear or another human being, but he was so afraid to say anything he just had the look of concern/terror on his face that is when Adam asked him "what's wrong".
This investigator believes they all had encounter with something that wasn't a bear or another human being, they really could not say for 100% certain what it was they saw or heard as to being a Bigfoot. They have never seen one or heard one before.  This encounter has been played and replayed over and over in the past by hundreds of witnesses. This encounter is almost exactly the same as others just the names and locations are changed. No pictures were taken of the tree branches, no foot prints, or other evidence were discovered. The landowner did say he has felt very uneasy at times being on the property as if being watched. (This is described by many other witnesses). This investigation will remain open.

Note: The property is located off a county road and is mountain side terrain. The property coverage is 160 acre plot.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Interview with a Long-Term Witness (Honobia Bigfoot Staff Member Troy Hudson)

Each month we will post interviews with long-term witnesses. The label of long-term witness is what we call a witness that has had more than one sighting of a Sasquatch (both day and/or night) and continues to have encounters, experiences, and/or visual observations of Sasquatch either by accident or on investigative purposes. Our second interview will be with Honobia Bigfoot Conference Staff Member Troy Hudson.

When did you get involved in the Bigfoot Phenomenon?  I was sitting in my office, while I was still working for the US Government when a co-worker had asked "your from Oklahoma right?" I said yes, and he had asked me if I had ever seen a Bigfoot. I didn't know where he was going with this and I said "I have heard some things maybe, why?" he showed me a website (BFRO) and that they were conducting a Bigfoot Expedition in Honobia, Oklahoma (SE Oklahoma) I told him I know exactly where this was, I grew up not to far from there and use to go through there as a child. I contacted the BFRO and went on the expedition in 2005, rest is history!

When did you see your first Sasquatch? It had to be in 1981, summer at a Boy Scout Camp near Talihina, Ok. North of Honobia, Ok myself and another Boy Scout snuck out of our tent, were trying locate the sound of knocking, like you hear when someone is cutting wood. This sound had been going on for hours, we thought who would cut wood for hours. We were told by the scout staff there it was "some old hermit, that live up on the mountain". We were not convinced, we snuck out of the tent maybe about midnight, or something like that. We walked maybe 10 minutes or so, got scared thought we would get lost, turned back to start heading back, came to a small clearing and saw a tall, very tall figure just inside the woods, this figure we thought was a scout master or someone of the staff. We ran down into a dry creek bed, and tried to sneak back to camp, every time we tried to come up out of the creek we saw this dark figure standing at the top of the creek bank. We finally found the camp and discovered that all the adult staff were sleeping on their cots. It wasn't until we got home and both my friend and I were in my living room when my mom said "You boys know some lady saw a Bigfoot in her back yard near your Boy Scout camp". She blew our minds, then we talked about it, saw the TV news report and it was next to the Camp Tom Hale Boy Scout Camp, from that point on that night has stuck in my mind just as if had happened yesterday. I would have been 12 years old at the time.

How did it affect you? It really didn't make sense then, I actually had forgot about it, until that day in my office when my co-worker had asked me if I had seen one. Then that memory came flooding back into my mind, but I didn't tell the story, I didn't want him making fun of me and for the reason, I was mid-level management within my office and had lots of responsibility for the agency I was working for and didn't want that to be the joke of the office.

How many field investigations have you conducted? During my days with BFRO, I would conduct several case report investigations a month, if the report was within hour or two of me, I would travel to conduct a field investigation and interview of the witnesses, It was some what of a easy process, since I have been working in law enforcement and conducted investigations on various levels. This process was no different, other than conducting investigations on Bigfoot sightings, I came to find it was much more fun and I would use these times to do min-expeditions. I usually had another BFRO member with me and to answer your question, when I was with BFRO from 2004-2009, if I am correct maybe in the neighborhood of 110 case reports. Out of that I think there was maybe 10-12 that were hoaxed or fake reports. Since 2009, doing this independently, and working with the Sasquatch Genome Project 2010-present, some where in the area of 80 actually sighting reports with on site field investigations. According to my journal, I have been keeping since 2011, I have more than 50 phone interviews and several medium to large field expeditions in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. 

How many people do you know that have seen them? Hmm, wow let me think, all the people I knew in BFRO, all the witnesses I have interviewed, personal friends that have been out with me, people I have talked with at our conference in Honobia, and wow that is a hard number to come up with to be accurate. Just to be completely honest, I wouldn't begin to think of a number of people, but just a round estimated guess, somewhere it the neighborhood of 350-375, maybe more, I have been doing this as I said since 2005, that is a lot of people from then till now, that is 10 years all together.

How many people do you know that have them near or visit their homes, or property? Well, when I was with BFRO I was operating on-going site investigations with 2 families in Texas and 1 family in SE Oklahoma. Those investigations went on from about 2006-2009, I would visit those locations as much as I could, I gained a lot of knowledge from those locations. Since then, working with the Sasquatch Genome Project, I have been involved in 3 locations in Texas, and 4 locations in Oklahoma. These sites have offered the best in learning the Sasquatch behavior and research information. That's 10 families I know and worked with, and there have been no less than 10 families I have interviewed and worked with either over the phone or through emails that have long-term activity on or near their property.

What's your thoughts on the Sasquatch population within Oklahoma? North America? In Oklahoma, I know there are 77 counties in Oklahoma, I can place reports of sightings in 66 counties in Oklahoma, Sasquatch doesn't pay attention to county lines, so I would just guess some sighting could be of the same Sasquatch, but I have had several incidents that occurred on the same date within hours of each other in different counties that were hundreds of miles apart. However, just my guess with on-going investigations with central, NE, and SE Oklahoma, I would be safe to say there is possibly between 150-200 across Oklahoma as a state, but remember that near state lines of Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas we could be counting ones that come and go from state to state.

What do you think the Sasquatch are? That is a real hard question to be defined, since my beginning with all of this and being involved in the DNA project with Dr. Melba Ketchum and seeing the realism of the science in what the DNA says. That's really hard to have one answer, I am still trying to take all of this in. My spiritual beliefs of what I know from a tribal mindset, I really think they are of old, relic style God-made people like spiritual being. I am not saying they are human, "I think they are type of people". As it has been said many times by elders, they are another tribe of people. That is all I will say about that.

Where do you think they come from? The same feelings I have, I really have no clue, I won't say what people suggest where they are from, in my beliefs they have always been here, all I know at this point is they were made just as we were from God.

What do you think about science and Sasquatch? I am kinda old fashion when it comes to science, I know you need science for medicine and learning to keep us healthy and safe, but I am really stuck in the old Indian mind, God created everything you see around us, except technology, man created that, God created us and the Sasquatch in my opinion, if God wanted us to know about the Sasquatch why didn't he give us a book or instruction manual, in some tribal ways, you do not try and figure out what the Creator was thinking when he made something, you just respect his creations and work parallel to what God created. I know science has it's place in our world, but the Sasquatch is more than just some two-legged being roaming the earth as we do. Sorry I am getting to far past your question, I personally think science is not the answer, we should find the answer about Sasquatch in our own minds and hearts. Each person is different and have their own feelings and beliefs, let each person have their own decision if they are real or not.

You have any comments for anyone that is wanting to have an experience or see one? I would say do some research before you go into the woods. If you find a location you think there is Sasquatch activity, go with a friend, never go alone, and go with respect. Do not try and bait them or try and trick them, they are smarter than you think.

Interview conducted on 05/03/2015.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

UPDATE**Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival 2015

Good Morning Everyone

Just little update here from Honobia, Oklahoma couple weeks ago the little community of Honobia was a victim of extreme weather. Hundreds of trees down and several buildings suffered damaged on Christ 40. a.k.a Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission.

Insert: Clean up is underway.
Several highways and country roads are closed due to heavy damage.
Insert: This is the only highway north to Clayton, Ok. It will be closed for awhile.
However the conference and festival is still scheduled for October 2015. The only changes are that the festival portion will go all the way up til 4:00 PM on Sunday the 4th of October. So if you want to stay and enjoy the food and vendors please don't rush to go home. More activities from the Bigfoot Conference staff maybe planned (for Sunday) stay tuned for further details. See everyone there! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Investigative File Case 004-2015 "Campers Hear Sasquatch Stealing Food from Cooler"

Open Case File  004-2015

Location: SE Oklahoma (Near Clayton, Ok)

Case Type: Eye Witnesses Observed Sasquatch (s)

Time Frame: 2014 (Late Spring)

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This report was submitted to the investigator by eye witness through "friend of a friend" connections. This eye witness wishes to remain unknown to the public due to his profession. He has heard stories of people's negative outcomes from "telling their stories of seeing a Bigfoot".  This investigator has nicknamed this witness "Karl" for the purpose of the public report. Karl and his wife traveled 3 hours to the Clayton, Ok area to camp and take a weekend off from the busy city life. Karl has experience as a small/big game hunter and has traveled to Africa to hunt big game numerous times. Karl appears to this investigator as not one that frightens easily by being in the woods at night time. Karl's wife is also very comfortable being in the wilderness, she has taken part on several hunting trips herself to Montana and Alaska. They are both considered to be veteran woodsman.

This particular weekend was very pleasant, day temperatures in the high 80s and night time down into the upper 70s, full moon, and clear. They camped at a location that has public access and according to their recollection that there were no other campers of human presence the whole weekend any where near their campsite.

It was the second night that took them from being non-believers of Bigfoot to full-blown 100% no doubt that they are real. The second day started out like the first, they were up at the crack of dawn, cooked breakfast, went for a hike, and fished the rest of the day until it was little warm and the fish stopped biting. They didn't not hear or see anything out of the ordinary the first day and the second day, except until they had went to bed in their tent, they had stored most of their food they had in storage containers and their vehicle. But the fish they had caught, they cleaned down by the water's edge and wrapped them and put them in their cooler, which was sitting on the tailgate of their truck. The wife said it was about 3:00 AM when she was woken by a uneasy feeling and could hear something rummaging through the items on the picnic table just 10-12 feet from their tent. She first thought it was raccoons or some other critter. Then she heard a grunt and a faint voice like sound, as if something was trying to remain quiet but speak softly. What she described made the hair on back of her neck stand up and she softly pushed on Karl to wake him up. He did, she covered his mouth so he wouldn't speak so whatever was outside their tent would hear him. The wife was afraid it was something other than a critter and it was speaking in a voice she couldn't understand, she also described the grunt as "unnerving" in nature. Karl's side of the story starts that, he was awakened with a hand over his mouth and the look of terror on his wife's face, he said it took him a few seconds to focus on what she was trying to relay non-verbally. He then could hears something open the cooler lid and the sounds of someone trying to sift through the cooler as it was looking for something. He immediately thought it was a trespasser and he was going to intervene in their attempt to steal food from their cooler.

Karl moved quickly to push his wife's hand away from his mouth and unzip the tent and scare the would be trespassers. When he moved the sounds outside stopped immediately, as he was unzipping the tent fly (door) he could hear grunting and some other type of language he didn't recognize, as he threw open the tent flap he turned his flashlight towards the area where the cooler was sitting on the tailgate, the cooler lid was up and he then spun his flashlight towards the sounds of movement towards the picnic table, what he saw next caused him to gasp and let out a "what the %^&". His wife pushed him aside to see out the tent. Karl's description is as follows:

One was very large, black all over, walked like a human, the head was very large, and was being followed by something that looked just like it but maybe 3 feet smaller. The large one was in his mind estimated to be at the least 8-9 feet tall, the small one no less that 5-6 feet tall. He observed them from the back, they walked swiftly in the dark, tree line and never heard a sound after that.

Karl's wife described what she saw was extremely big, she states the big one had to be no less than 9 feet tall, he brother is 7 feet tall and she said this thing was at least 2 feet taller than her brother. She couldn't see the other one due to her husband taken up most of the space in the door way of the tent, but she did say there was two of them.

Karl said to his wife "I will be &^^( do you know what we just saw, that was Bigfoot". Karl's wife said she wanted to leave that she couldn't stay here knowing they were just in their camp. When Karl started to pack the truck, he notice that package of fish was only thing missing from the cooler. They stopped to get gas in a small town hour from this location and the store clerk notice that Karl was moving fast and seemed to be agitated. Karl remembers the clerk asking if everything was "Ok?" Karl said he told the clerk that they had a run in with something big in in their camp and it stole their daily catch. The clerk responded with from what he remembers as "oh don't worry it was just Bigfoot they do that every now and then". That sealed the deal for Karl, when he arrived home, for the next few months he visited every website and TV show that was about Bigfoot. He and his wife are believers, but one thing stands out in both their minds, what they saw demanded respect and was not to be messed with. Karl described the Big one as something that took whatever it pleased, but didn't want a confrontation, and left without being told to do so. Karl's wife said she will never forget the language she heard and that grunt is like a nightmare, she never heard anything like it.

Investigator's Notes: Both were interviewed over the phone and their story likeness has been heard over and over again by campers alike. In my opinion and through my lengthy law enforcement experience as having prior criminal investigative experience there were no deception noted on both of the witnesses. Their descriptions and voice demeanor were true and full of sincerity.  This location is near a state park and has decades of reports of Bigfoot activity in and around campsites. This investigator played previous recordings of possible Bigfoot sounds, language and grunts. She was overwhelmed by the sounds that it caused her to relive (also known in medical terms as PTSD) that night. She said she still has trouble sleeping sometimes when she hears a sound in the house that is similar, she was worried that being a year ago that this still troubles her. This investigator talked at length with her explaining she is not alone in all of this, this investigator has investigated reports of similar and even myself have memories of my own experiences that keep coming back that I have had that parallel their night at the campsite. She was assured that she is not going crazy, and mere the fact that very few people ever get to have that type of experience, she was also told very few people get to see a Bigfoot and for the fact two at the same time. They have been invited to attend an field expedition to learn more about the topic and maybe a chance to ease their minds that there are other people that have shared their experiences. Kinda like a AA for Bigfoot witnesses.

Note: Witnesses of Sasquatch are sometimes laughed at, made fun of, mocked and ridiculed for their stories of what they have seen and heard. It is known that 2 out of 3 witnesses will never tell anyone on what they saw and heard, for the fear of the above. Sometimes the witnesses is so overcome with emotion of the experience that it often manifest into what the medical field calls PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). Half the world claims Bigfoot is no more than a figment of our imagination, miss-identification, our eyes playing tricks on our minds, etc. However when you see one or have had an experience such as Karl and his wife, it will stop you in your tracks and play over and over in your mind like a traumatic event, because remember your told Bigfoot does not exist, BUT WAIT, you just saw one with your own eyes, and you have a witness with you to back up what you just saw!

Insert: 2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference (Storytelling) come to Honobia in October (2nd and 3rd 2015) to hear from witnesses on what they have seen and heard.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Honobia Bigfoot Club Raises Money for Area Students. Fundraiser This Month in Talihina, Oklahoma

Tom Hefner (Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship Fund)

Bigfoot will help send Talihina students to college.
          A fundraiser Thursday, April 30, will raise scholarship money for graduating college-bound Talihina seniors.

          Talihina’s Masonic Lodge # 73 voted Monday night to back the scholarships with $1,000 in matching funds, said Tom Hefner, head of the Bigfoot Scholarship Fund.

A dinner and pie auction will be held at 6:30 pm Thursday, April 30, at the Talihina school.   All proceeds will go to scholarships for Talihina seniors, he said.

          “For every dollar you spend,” Hefner said of the fundraiser, “We will take in two, up to $1,000.”

          The plate dinner will be $5. The pie auction will follow.

          In March, a Bigfoot Scholarship pie supper in Clayton raised over $4,600.   With a $500 gift from Masons there and other donations, a check for $5,398 was given to Clayton for scholarships.

           Hefner asked Talihina cooks to help students here with pies for the auction. 

          Last May, $500 Bigfoot scholarships were given to Clayton, Talihina and Smithville schools for scholarships.  But, money raised at the Talihina event will all go to Talihina students, Hefner emphasized.

          Bigfoot – or a close impersonator – appears in area parades and festivals.

          Will Bigfoot appear in Talihina for the pie supper April 30? 

          No official word had been received at press time for this story.        

          Would Bigfoot approve of a pie supper in his name for Talihina students?    

“I think it is wonderful the way we’ve put him to work for our kids,” Hefner said.  “I met him up on Gobblers’ Knob and he said it is okay.”
    Hefner lives by Gobbler's Knob in Honobia, where the Bigfoot Scholarship Fund began.  They run the Bigfoot festival in October at Honobia and raise funds through Bigfoot t-shirt and coffee mug sales.