Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2016 Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival Out Did It Again

This year (2016) the organizers and volunteers out done themselves at Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival. Last year we researched the numbers and it sat with just over 2,900 people in attendance for both days. This year it was little harder to try and capture the attendance with the return of the Choctaw Bigfoot 5K Run. There was just over 800 + registered to run, the totals are not in yet, but some involved in the race gave a mental picture of more than 700. The attendance in the conference portion was well over last year's numbers, so far the organizers of the festival and conference are reporting numbers well into the high 3,800s if not just over 4,000 in attendance. We will post soon as everything is confirmed.

Soon as more information is available we will post, enjoy some of the pics from the event.