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Investigative File Case 004-2015 "Campers Hear Sasquatch Stealing Food from Cooler"

Open Case File  004-2015

Location: SE Oklahoma (Near Clayton, Ok)

Case Type: Eye Witnesses Observed Sasquatch (s)

Time Frame: 2014 (Late Spring)

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

This report was submitted to the investigator by eye witness through "friend of a friend" connections. This eye witness wishes to remain unknown to the public due to his profession. He has heard stories of people's negative outcomes from "telling their stories of seeing a Bigfoot".  This investigator has nicknamed this witness "Karl" for the purpose of the public report. Karl and his wife traveled 3 hours to the Clayton, Ok area to camp and take a weekend off from the busy city life. Karl has experience as a small/big game hunter and has traveled to Africa to hunt big game numerous times. Karl appears to this investigator as not one that frightens easily by being in the woods at night time. Karl's wife is also very comfortable being in the wilderness, she has taken part on several hunting trips herself to Montana and Alaska. They are both considered to be veteran woodsman.

This particular weekend was very pleasant, day temperatures in the high 80s and night time down into the upper 70s, full moon, and clear. They camped at a location that has public access and according to their recollection that there were no other campers of human presence the whole weekend any where near their campsite.

It was the second night that took them from being non-believers of Bigfoot to full-blown 100% no doubt that they are real. The second day started out like the first, they were up at the crack of dawn, cooked breakfast, went for a hike, and fished the rest of the day until it was little warm and the fish stopped biting. They didn't not hear or see anything out of the ordinary the first day and the second day, except until they had went to bed in their tent, they had stored most of their food they had in storage containers and their vehicle. But the fish they had caught, they cleaned down by the water's edge and wrapped them and put them in their cooler, which was sitting on the tailgate of their truck. The wife said it was about 3:00 AM when she was woken by a uneasy feeling and could hear something rummaging through the items on the picnic table just 10-12 feet from their tent. She first thought it was raccoons or some other critter. Then she heard a grunt and a faint voice like sound, as if something was trying to remain quiet but speak softly. What she described made the hair on back of her neck stand up and she softly pushed on Karl to wake him up. He did, she covered his mouth so he wouldn't speak so whatever was outside their tent would hear him. The wife was afraid it was something other than a critter and it was speaking in a voice she couldn't understand, she also described the grunt as "unnerving" in nature. Karl's side of the story starts that, he was awakened with a hand over his mouth and the look of terror on his wife's face, he said it took him a few seconds to focus on what she was trying to relay non-verbally. He then could hears something open the cooler lid and the sounds of someone trying to sift through the cooler as it was looking for something. He immediately thought it was a trespasser and he was going to intervene in their attempt to steal food from their cooler.

Karl moved quickly to push his wife's hand away from his mouth and unzip the tent and scare the would be trespassers. When he moved the sounds outside stopped immediately, as he was unzipping the tent fly (door) he could hear grunting and some other type of language he didn't recognize, as he threw open the tent flap he turned his flashlight towards the area where the cooler was sitting on the tailgate, the cooler lid was up and he then spun his flashlight towards the sounds of movement towards the picnic table, what he saw next caused him to gasp and let out a "what the %^&". His wife pushed him aside to see out the tent. Karl's description is as follows:

One was very large, black all over, walked like a human, the head was very large, and was being followed by something that looked just like it but maybe 3 feet smaller. The large one was in his mind estimated to be at the least 8-9 feet tall, the small one no less that 5-6 feet tall. He observed them from the back, they walked swiftly in the dark, tree line and never heard a sound after that.

Karl's wife described what she saw was extremely big, she states the big one had to be no less than 9 feet tall, he brother is 7 feet tall and she said this thing was at least 2 feet taller than her brother. She couldn't see the other one due to her husband taken up most of the space in the door way of the tent, but she did say there was two of them.

Karl said to his wife "I will be &^^( do you know what we just saw, that was Bigfoot". Karl's wife said she wanted to leave that she couldn't stay here knowing they were just in their camp. When Karl started to pack the truck, he notice that package of fish was only thing missing from the cooler. They stopped to get gas in a small town hour from this location and the store clerk notice that Karl was moving fast and seemed to be agitated. Karl remembers the clerk asking if everything was "Ok?" Karl said he told the clerk that they had a run in with something big in in their camp and it stole their daily catch. The clerk responded with from what he remembers as "oh don't worry it was just Bigfoot they do that every now and then". That sealed the deal for Karl, when he arrived home, for the next few months he visited every website and TV show that was about Bigfoot. He and his wife are believers, but one thing stands out in both their minds, what they saw demanded respect and was not to be messed with. Karl described the Big one as something that took whatever it pleased, but didn't want a confrontation, and left without being told to do so. Karl's wife said she will never forget the language she heard and that grunt is like a nightmare, she never heard anything like it.

Investigator's Notes: Both were interviewed over the phone and their story likeness has been heard over and over again by campers alike. In my opinion and through my lengthy law enforcement experience as having prior criminal investigative experience there were no deception noted on both of the witnesses. Their descriptions and voice demeanor were true and full of sincerity.  This location is near a state park and has decades of reports of Bigfoot activity in and around campsites. This investigator played previous recordings of possible Bigfoot sounds, language and grunts. She was overwhelmed by the sounds that it caused her to relive (also known in medical terms as PTSD) that night. She said she still has trouble sleeping sometimes when she hears a sound in the house that is similar, she was worried that being a year ago that this still troubles her. This investigator talked at length with her explaining she is not alone in all of this, this investigator has investigated reports of similar and even myself have memories of my own experiences that keep coming back that I have had that parallel their night at the campsite. She was assured that she is not going crazy, and mere the fact that very few people ever get to have that type of experience, she was also told very few people get to see a Bigfoot and for the fact two at the same time. They have been invited to attend an field expedition to learn more about the topic and maybe a chance to ease their minds that there are other people that have shared their experiences. Kinda like a AA for Bigfoot witnesses.

Note: Witnesses of Sasquatch are sometimes laughed at, made fun of, mocked and ridiculed for their stories of what they have seen and heard. It is known that 2 out of 3 witnesses will never tell anyone on what they saw and heard, for the fear of the above. Sometimes the witnesses is so overcome with emotion of the experience that it often manifest into what the medical field calls PTSD (post traumatic stress syndrome). Half the world claims Bigfoot is no more than a figment of our imagination, miss-identification, our eyes playing tricks on our minds, etc. However when you see one or have had an experience such as Karl and his wife, it will stop you in your tracks and play over and over in your mind like a traumatic event, because remember your told Bigfoot does not exist, BUT WAIT, you just saw one with your own eyes, and you have a witness with you to back up what you just saw!

Insert: 2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference (Storytelling) come to Honobia in October (2nd and 3rd 2015) to hear from witnesses on what they have seen and heard.

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Honobia Bigfoot Club Raises Money for Area Students. Fundraiser This Month in Talihina, Oklahoma

Tom Hefner (Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship Fund)

Bigfoot will help send Talihina students to college.
          A fundraiser Thursday, April 30, will raise scholarship money for graduating college-bound Talihina seniors.

          Talihina’s Masonic Lodge # 73 voted Monday night to back the scholarships with $1,000 in matching funds, said Tom Hefner, head of the Bigfoot Scholarship Fund.

A dinner and pie auction will be held at 6:30 pm Thursday, April 30, at the Talihina school.   All proceeds will go to scholarships for Talihina seniors, he said.

          “For every dollar you spend,” Hefner said of the fundraiser, “We will take in two, up to $1,000.”

          The plate dinner will be $5. The pie auction will follow.

          In March, a Bigfoot Scholarship pie supper in Clayton raised over $4,600.   With a $500 gift from Masons there and other donations, a check for $5,398 was given to Clayton for scholarships.

           Hefner asked Talihina cooks to help students here with pies for the auction. 

          Last May, $500 Bigfoot scholarships were given to Clayton, Talihina and Smithville schools for scholarships.  But, money raised at the Talihina event will all go to Talihina students, Hefner emphasized.

          Bigfoot – or a close impersonator – appears in area parades and festivals.

          Will Bigfoot appear in Talihina for the pie supper April 30? 

          No official word had been received at press time for this story.        

          Would Bigfoot approve of a pie supper in his name for Talihina students?    

“I think it is wonderful the way we’ve put him to work for our kids,” Hefner said.  “I met him up on Gobblers’ Knob and he said it is okay.”
    Hefner lives by Gobbler's Knob in Honobia, where the Bigfoot Scholarship Fund began.  They run the Bigfoot festival in October at Honobia and raise funds through Bigfoot t-shirt and coffee mug sales.

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Breaking News! The 2015 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speakers

This year's (2015) Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speakers have been announced by the Honobia Bigfoot Club and the Honobia Bigfoot Conference Committee. (Not in any order) They are:

Harvey Pratt-
Harvey Phillip Pratt is an American forensic artist and Native American artist, who has worked for over forty years in law enforcement, completing thousands of composite drawings and hundreds of soft tissue postmortem reconstructions. To this end, his work has assisted in thousands of arrests and hundreds of identification of unidentified human remains throughout America. His expertise in witness description drawing, skull reconstruction, skull tracing, age progression, soft tissue postmortem drawing and restoration of photographs and videos have aided law enforcement agencies both nationally and internationally. Pratt also assists investigations though training classes, besides lecturing before universities, colleges, schools and civic groups.
Pratt began his career with Oklahoma's Midwest City Police Department in 1965, where, as a police officer, he completed his first composite drawing that resulted in an arrest and conviction. He joined the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in 1972 as a narcotics investigator and retired in 1992 as an Assistant Director. He is now employed with the agency as a full-time forensic specialist.
Pratt's forensic expertise has contributed to many high-profile cases: The Green River Killer (Gary Ridgeway), Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders (Gene Leroy Hart), Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole, Bobby Joe Long, The I-5 Killer (Randall Woodfield), Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot, Tommy Lynn Sells, World Trade Center 1993 bombings, Ted Bundy, Sirloin Stockade Murders (Roger Dale Stafford, Verna Stafford and Harold Stafford), Joe Fischer, Roger Wheeler murder, the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Donald Eugene Webb, Oklahoma State Fair Abducted Girls (Roy Russell Long), and Randolph Dial.
In the mid 1980s, Pratt developed the soft tissue postmortem drawing method. Using this method, the forensic artist draws or paints on the photograph of a victim to repair tissue damage or decomposition. The drawing repairs the trauma to the victim so that the final image will be more presentable when asking for law enforcement's or the public's assistance in identification.

Both Harvey and David have spoken at Honobia multiple times in the past together. This surely will be a treat to hear them again.

Scott Nelson-

Scott Nelson retired from the Navy after a 17-year career as a crypto-linguist, intercepting Russian communications and decoding them. Currently, he is a professor at Wentworth College in Missouri.
"Because of what I did in the Navy, spending years and several thousand hours speeding the human voice up and slowing it down, I could just detect language in those vocalizations," he said.
The vocalizations were captured on audiotape in the Sierra-Nevada Mountains by a group of hunters in the early 70s. Nelson came across them a few years ago while helping his son write a paper on Bigfoot.
"I said, 'Stevie there's language here.' He said, 'Dad, how can that be? It sounds like a bunch of apes fighting to me.' I said, 'We have to slow it down, like dad used to do in the Navy.'"
When that happened, Nelson said he instantly knew three things about the sounds he was hearing. No. 1, he was hearing a language; No. 2, it was not human; and No. 3, it was not fake.
It was at that point Nelson became a Bigfoot believer and researcher

Read more:

Ron Morehead

Ron Morehead is an ‘adventurist’; a positive ‘someone’ who loves life, but often lives it on the edge. As a SCUBA diver, he swam with the hammerhead sharks, has been filmed in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean riding the backs of giant manta rays, and been a safety diver for the filming of Right whales in Patagonia.
As a private pilot, Ron has flown his own aircraft from the Alaskan bush to the Costa Rican jungle. Besides travelling to the ancient Mayan civilizations in the Yucatan, he has also flown into a remote jungle area of Chiapas (Southern Mexico) on an anonymous Mayan discovery expedition. What he saw was thought to be one of the last remaining strong-holds of the Mayan people. He has ventured into Western Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve to help assess the tiger population, explored the jungles of Bardiya on elephants, and been in the wilderness of Siberia looking for evidence of the Russian Yeti. He has made two trips in South America exploring the enigmatic structures and the non-human remains of the pre-Inca people.
Over the years Ron has been interviewed by several radio programs and has been televised by the BBC and other learning channels. He was a guest speaker at the Darwin Museum in Moscow (Russia) and for years he has given presentations at symposiums and conferences about his Bigfoot/Sasquatch experiences. He has openly shared his knowledge and accounts with others. His book, “Voices in the Wilderness,” chronicles his 40 years of researching the enigma. Besides his book, he has produced two CDs with actual Bigfoot vocalizations, focusing on the interaction he and others had with these forest giants.

Insert-Dave and Scott speaking at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference
Insert- Ron and Scott

 This year's conference them is Tribal customs and traditional beliefs surrounding Sasquatch.

Insert-Harvey Pratt's Artwork
Insert-Additional Artwork from Harvey Pratt
 Dr. Samuel “Webb” Sentell is a neuropsychologist with a Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. He has been a principal as well as co-author on refereed scientific publications in the area of animal behavior. When not in his Shreveport, Louisiana, clinic, he can often be found on a mule or in a canoe exploring habitats where anomalous, large, hair-covered hominoids have been reported. He particularly concentrates on research in the area known as the Big Piney Woods, which ranges from Fouke, Arkansas, through northern Louisiana and east Texas down to the Big Thicket area. Webb makes numerous regular excursions to locations of reported Sasquatch sightings or encounters. He is reasonably fluent in Haitian Creole and participates with his wife, Rev. Beth Sentell, in missionary work in Haiti through Living Waters for the World, Haiti Education Foundation and Solar Under the Sun. He has been an adjunct professor of psychology at Louisiana Tech University and Louisiana State University-Shreveport, as well as a gratis clinical professor at LSU Med Center in Shreveport. He can be reached via e-mail at

Storytelling has always been a big hit with everyone. Do not miss this year's storytelling both Friday and Saturday night at Sundown. Storytelling will be led by Honobia Conference staff member Troy Hudson.
Insert: Staff member Troy Hudson speaking at the 2010 Honobia Bigfoot Conference
Honobia Bigfoot Conference is under the leadership of Farlan Huff veteran Bigfoot Field Researcher and the Founder of bringing Bigfoot into the Bigfoot Conference.
Insert: Farlan on the radio.
Insert: Troy Hudson, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, and Farlan Huff at last year's conference (2014)
NEWS UPDATE: The Festival portion will run from the 2nd til the 4th 2015


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