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Number One Question: What is a Bigfoot/Sasquatch? Fallen Angels or Demonic Spirits?

First thing to say here: Any and all statements read below are not associated, spoken of, agreed upon, and/or recorded from any member of the staff of the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission. This article is a direct copy of statements and written investigative reports from one of the Honobia Conference Staff members. Also note that any and all statements read below do not reflect any ideas or conclusions of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. What we are trying to say here is this article is the direct and solitary investigative findings of Troy Hudson, which just happens to be one of our staff members. His findings, theories, plausibility, and evidence has been a lengthy task of in-depth research of conversations with tribal elders, historians, clergymen, university professors, Biblical readings, and historical literature.  

Excerpts from Mr. Hudson's Investigative Reports

Date 04/03/2008

"It is my belief that after multiple discussions with tribal elder M.W. I am left with more questions than answers. I am only left to believe that maybe the Bigfoot are no more than relatives of ancient humans of considerable stature"

Date 11/21/2010

"I have spoken with many witnesses and one elder of the Caddo Tribe, he explained that the Bigfoot were here before his tribe was, according to his ancestors spoken through tribal stories is that when they arrived in eastern Oklahoma, there were giants of great significance already here" The Caddo tribe were in Oklahoma and Eastern Texas hundreds of years before the Choctaw or Cherokee.

Portions from a narrative investigative report on file from Mr. Hudson

" I am more confused than I ever have been. The more I research, the more I ask questions about who, what, when, where and Why. I am left with more questions than answers. I have been directed to the Bible more than once. However this is my theory on the Bible answer to the Sasquatch.  In my own personal Christian pursuit of God's Word I have only been left with which Bible is correct. The more I study the Bible the more I see that there is more than 20 versions of the Bible, then I find out that the original text of Hebrew and Greek has been translated like 50 times or more. So in retrospect, what am I really reading. Man has done more harm than good. What we now have a fast-food way of reading the Bible, made easier and faster to understand the way God really wanted us to know him?
Maybe man wanted some things left out, such as the Book of Enoch, I am told and have read that most of any religious or Christian community will not agree on what is written in the Book of Enoch, however Enoch appears in the Bible multiple times. Why do I bring this up, I have read the Book of Enoch and it describes beast, creatures, and spirit like forms related to Bigfoot.
Throughout the Bible in modern terms there are indications of giants, also known as "men of renown" "sons of men", the fallen angels. But they were wiped out in the first flood, according to the Bible. I was informed by a tribal elder that there were two sets of fallen angels, pre and post flood. Things are getting more confusing in my opinion. Most Bigfoot researchers and non-believers will not accept the fact that the Bigfoot could be "fallen angels". "

"I have more complex questions that have no way of being validated. I have spoken to several tribal elders and historians lately and I am more confused than ever before. I have been told that some tribal culture believes the Bigfoot are earthbound flesh and blood with magical powers. I am also told they are spirit beings with abilities that fare exceed our grasp of reality"

"In my own research of the Bible and other Biblical readings, I find it interesting that some chapters of the Bible (both NIV and KJV) indicate that there are different periods of angels upon the earth in different periods of times. Could it be that the second fall of angels are what we see now. If the DNA from Dr. Ketchum's findings are correct and some weird findings from other DNA projects indicate that the DNA from the female side of the Bigfoot have trace of human and the male Bigfoot are unknown to science then, what if? What if they are generational? If they have children like we do, and they have generations of themselves same as we do. Then certain aspects of tribal wisdom and aspects of the Bible can be correct. But to have the norm agree would be more of a battle than trying to push a school bus up Mt. Everest."

"There is no more evidence than science, according to public opinion. I would like to think I agree with old native wisdom, you never challenge what the Creator created. He created this world for us to respect and us to live in harmony with, not to dissect it or put it under a microscope. Science has done good, certain advance medical cures for disease and cancer,etc. But bringing new age technology to understand old ancient knowledge has only brought arguments in different schools of thought. Again I bring the Bible into this, too many scholars has tried to decipher what the Hebrew language meant in the Bible. I have researched dozens of articles on that different schools of thought in translations of ancient texts of what was originally written by Paul, David, Joshua, Samuel, etc. How do we know that what we read today is the original words of these great men. Everything has been turned around or influenced to make us agree with the scholars and government officials in what they want us to believe and how we live our lives. I am not trying to sound like a conspiracy theory weirdo here I am just saying I have read article after article that leaves me more confused on what the truth really is. Maybe the truth lies in each one of us, what we only believe in our own hearts and minds."

"If the DNA (Sasquatch Genome Project) has evidence that supports that the female Bigfoot DNA suggest that they are angelic and they are very old in nature, then why doesn't the Bible support the theory of them being related to the "men of renown", several Choctaw elders have referred to the Bigfoot of the "men of old" "men of renown". Some tribal people fear the Bigfoot, saying they are of "God's people" they are of explanations we can not even try to comprehend. Some tribal people fear them because they do not get a good vibe from them. I have been told there some good and some bad, if that is true they are like us, look at our world today, the mix of human behavior, I am told within the Bigfoot world of the creatures themselves they are looked at as good and bad. Some countries such as over in Nepal, they are described as a "holy creature" they have magical powers, healing and other incomprehensible abilities. There are stories after stories of them stealing children, women, etc but at the same time I find stories after stories of them helping man, actually defending man against other beasts of the earth. So what is it, are they good or bad?"

"Now the argument of killing one for science or leave them alone? I say leave them be, I can recall multiple stories such as the shooting in Honobia, Ok (http://www.bfro.net/avevid/ouachita/siege-at-honobia.asp) there are several other shootings I have heard and help investigate, they all turned out to be very negative and/or have caused major issues in the lives of the people involved. I have seen certain government intervention, I have heard of locals causing such a headache and torment to the people involved they sold everything and moved away. So again the shooting one for science maybe a very well thought of plan, thinking it will help answer the ultimate question, but those who have partaken this action has nothing to show other than mental stress and PTSD, "nothing to show for their actions".  There are story after story of them being struck by vehicles and leaving the scene, being shot by large caliber rifle ammunition into their chest area and still walking off. Just for sake of argument, in my opinion if they are what people say, or the Bible suggest they are, it is better to leave them alone then join the few that have and have regretted ever pulling that trigger"

Below are some references that Mr. Hudson used in his research. There will be more added later. Enjoy!






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Honobia Bigfoot Conference and the Honoring America's Warriors Join Forces

This past weekend (July 10th and 11th 2015) the Honobia Bigfoot Conference, Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission, and the Honoring America's Warriors joined forces to introduce veterans from all over Oklahoma to Bigfoot.  The Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff were contacted by the Executive Director & Co-Founder Scotty Dee to obtain contact information for a "Bigfoot Guide".  This information was passed onto one of our staff members Troy Hudson. Both Hudson and Dee began a communication trail that led them to host their event at Christ 40 acres and to conduct a mini-Bigfoot Conference for the veteran organization. This idea was met with excitement and eager anticipation that would not knowing anyone would lead to a great partnership not only between the veteran's organization, but the community of Honobia and everyone involved. This Bigfoot event just didn't stop with Bigfoot. Hudson had reached out to one of his contacts in law enforcement and came up with the idea that some of the veterans, veteran's family, and anyone within the Honobia area would be interested in taking the State of Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Concealed Handgun Class) that too was a great opportunity for everyone involved to bond and create friendships.

The weekend started on Friday (July 10th) some started to arrive early and get things set up. Hudson took a few out for them to see some of the Honobia valley and some of the areas where they would be going at night. First thing out of the weekend that proved to be worth the idea of coming to Honobia is fresh (hours old) bear tracks were observed up on the ridge where the Bigfoot expeditions some times take place.

Later that evening several more of the veteran's group started to arrive, they had dinner and organized their night time outing with several on ATV's and some in 4x4 vehicles. They set off for the mountains, organized in semi-military fashion patrols, they base-camped on top of a ridge. Most of the night was coyote calls being heard and brief but (only few heard) very low growl heard near one f the groups. They turned in early since Saturday was going to be a full day and night of events.
Saturday was up and early for breakfast and lectures. Honobia Bigfoot Staff member Troy Hudson spoke on local history and Native American culture/legends of the Bigfoot. Professor Marvin Leeper (Murray State College) also gave a presentation on local legends and folklore that are related to Bigfoot.
Lunch was followed by OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Certified CHL Instructor)
David Mauk of Coal County, gave an outstanding class on handgun safety and state/federal laws pertaining to concealed handgun possession.
Saturday's night time events was rather interesting to say the least. Several people observed tall human shaped figures moving about the tree lines and several unexplained vocalizations were heard. A new style glow stick (mini-flashlight combo) was placed in a low hanging tree branch 150-yards down the road from the main group. This glow stick has a off and on-button, it has three stages of light patterns the stick makes. Several times the group observed the stick being turned off, there is no auto-on and off for this type of glow stick. There are no immediate answers on how the glow stick was turned off. Several members walked down to the stick and turned it back on, note as said before there are three stages of the patterns the stick makes. So it is not like it just accidently turned off. It has to be cycled through one of the patterns before the light will go off completely.  Some of the grouped returned to base camp and some remained behind. The few (7 staying behind) observed a few rocks being thrown within feet of some of the group. All in all a group night for meeting new friends and building camaraderie between the veterans and the community of Honobia.
Sunday was Church service and breakfast. Everyone said their good-byes and future events between the KMCM and Honoring America's Warriors has been established.
We want to thank Scotty Dee from Honoring America's Warriors (honoringamericaswarriors.org) and Artie Carnes, Director Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission for a great weekend.
By the way did you know we have our own American Warrior among our staff, Yes, Troy Hudson also is a veteran, he served in the first Gulf War with the US Navy (1988-1991) and completed six years with the US Naval Reserves Underwater Mine Warfare.

Friday, July 3, 2015

SE Oklahoma Bigfoot Field Expeditions "Testimony from Attendees"

In earlier part of 2015, a few members of the Honobia Conference Staff started coordinating and leading very small groups of people into the Kiamichi Mountains that surround Honobia for a slight chance to have a Bigfoot encounter. Some members of the staff have several years coordinating and leading Bigfoot field expeditions with other national recognized Bigfoot research groups. Combined with other field researchers and scientist they have more than 80 years experience.

Attendees of the expedition is fully aware that the chance to actually see a Bigfoot is very little. Every year novice researchers and interested people a like spend hours and hours in the field trying to get their chance to catch a glimpse of a Bigfoot. Our expedition attendees are also told that we (Honobia Bigfoot Conference Staff) are not claiming to be experts at this. However we have been doing this a number of years and have discovered techniques, methods of investigations, and/or its just plain luck that has been so successful. Together our staff have tried to keep an accurate count of eyewitnesses on our expeditions, excursions, outings, and field trips (whatever you want to call them) there has been so many public and private trips, but to give a ratio, it's in the neighborhood of 7 out of 10 people get to have a visual experience of seeing one at night, 3 out of 10 see one during the day time, and 9 out of 10 usually get to hear something that they can not explain.   If you want any information about future field expeditions (Public and Private) please contact  honobiaoklachito@gmail.com   for more information pertaining to the locations, dates, and fees.

Here are some testimonials from past attendees:

Dear Troy

I attended the April 3-4 trip to Honobia. I just wanted to say I had a great time. I enjoyed the people of the town, the little cafĂ© where we ate. I was blown away at what little effort it was to travel to a location where you pointed out what direction the Sasquatch would come from and how for everyone that was there to use their senses to determine that there was something walking around in the woods. However I did not get to see one in full body. My half-sister did and she still talks about it every day. I was amazed of how your staff seemed so at-ease and calm during the trip, acted as if you have done this so many times. I myself were shaking in my boots, the sounds they made. I could not sleep a wink that whole night. I will never forget that weekend. I would like to attend another private expedition. Thank you is not enough.


Tulsa, Oklahoma

The weekend expedition that I attended June 26-28, 2015, far exceeded my expectations of experiencing bigfoot behavior.  It was an awesome and amazing adventure that overwhelmed my senses of reality and perception of the natural world. I had expected maybe some audible evidence and footprints, but to have the experience of observing a large bigfoot crossing the road, plus tree-knocks, rock-clacks, rock-throwing, tree-snaps, screams, mumbling, chattering and footprints was astounding in such a brief time-frame. I truly enjoyed the trip to such a beautiful part of our state and meeting the other participants who became close friends in bigfooting.  The town of Honobia was a friendly and fascinating place. A very special part of the trip was getting to experience the bigfoots with my brother Keith, with whom I share a life-long interest in bigfoot. Thank you, Troy, for organizing and leading the expedition, as well as, for your patience and time sharing your knowledge and skills with us novices. Certainly this adventure will not be forgotten in our family.  I look forward to participating in future expeditions with you and your team. Thanks, again, for a life-changing experience.
Yukon, OK.


The trip to Honobia totally exceeded any and all expectations.  I had envisioned maybe hearing some tree knocks or a faint distant howl of some sort.  However, what I experienced was totally the opposite.  I saw a large bipedal creature standing in a road  about a 150 yards away.  This creature then moved off the road in one easy stride that would have taken a human 3 or 4 steps easily to maneuver.  I also heard tree knocks, guttural moans, rocks being clacked together, footsteps in the forest, rocks being thrown toward our group, and two sets of very loud and distinct screams.  All of this I was able to witness with my brother, Evans, along with observing footprints, tree bends, and unusual markings.  This was an awesome weekend in such a beautiful part of the state.  The local people there are very friendly and seem to embrace this creature of a natural part of their everyday lives.  I look forward to returning  this area in the future and going back out with your group. Thank you so much for setting up these expeditions and your willingness to share your passion in discovering these amazing creatures. 

Sugar Land, TX

Mr. Hudson

 Thank you for a awesome weekend. I never knew it was going to be that easy. You did say you can not promise anything. I have to say you know your Bigfoot. Well worth the money. I love that part of Oklahoma, so beautiful. Thank you again.

Sue E.
Enid, Oklahoma

Dear Troy

I want to send my deepest thank you for a great experience. It was way more than I realized. The Bigfoot or Sasquatch is way more complicated than I ever imagined. Again, thank you so much.

Pamela L
Coweta, Ok

Dear Troy

I can not say enough for how things went. I am shocked and just beside myself. You read on the internet of how elusive these Bigfoot are. You showed me how easy it is to go out and do what you do and then they just came to us. My daughter has not stopped talking about Saturday night. All the screams and howls, I am still in amazement on what goes on in the woods at night when people are asleep. They are mising a whole other world. Thank you so much for your patience and time.

Kelly J
Dallas, Texas


.........you and your team are the best, you guys know more than any TV show or Bigfoot group. I would like to extend my sincere feelings of the best weekend I have ever had in the woods. I don't know what I saw exactly, but it was no bear or human. Thank you again Rene.

Austin, Texas


Spent the weekend of October 30 and 31st and wow what an adventure. Although one night was disrupted with light rain we still had stone throwing activity. The following night it seemed no matter where we went stick, stones and pine cones where tossed at us. Wouldn't stop playing with us even back at camp. Might have even been disappointed with us when we went to bed. Seemed to me to be a juvenile or 2 having a little fun. Heard a screams in the distance. Thank you Troy Hudson for an awesome weekend. I will be back. So much more to see and learn.

North Carolina

Troy:Kiamichi Mountains Adventures

My family did a mini expedition with Troy Hudson and Farlan Huff and let me tell you, we saw and experienced things that blew me away! Troy had told me that the bigfoot will come to you and boy was he right! After seeing lots of eye shine out in the woods and what looked like a bright 'orb' flying inside the tree line, we got even more action back at our campsite! Farlan had an amazing experien...ce as one approached our RV after we returned to the campground. The next evening, we decided to just hang around the campground and bbq and see if they would return. That night, we had rocks land behind our chairs and what can only be described as a fast moving stick flying above our heads, as well as foot falls and lots of movement in the shadows. I highly recommend attending an expedition with Troy for an amazing experience.

More testimonials will be posted soon.