Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Update (Just One Month Away)

Hello Folks

The days are counting down. Here is some of the latest information coming in from the Honobia Bigfoot Conference Staff.

ATTENTION!!! We have an exciting announcement about this year's Honobia Bigfoot Conference (Oct 2nd-3rd). The same Executive Producer and Film Crew that brings us the thrilling "Biggest & Baddest" program on National Geographic Wild will be at the Honobia Bigfoot Festival & Conference filming and conducting interviews for the soon to be hit show…/killi…/meet-the-hunters/ , "KILLING BIGFOOT" airing on the "Destination America" channel early 2016. Following presentations by Dr. Samuel Webb Sentell, Harvey Pratt, Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson..Members from the "Killing Bigfoot" cast will give their presentation..making statements and also taking questions regarding their views on harvesting a specimen to prove Bigfoot's existence to science. Yes, the title of the show is controversial, as is the action it implies. Please note the Show's presence at the Conference in no way implies that the Honobia Bigfoot Conference supports efforts to kill a Bigfoot; nor should this statement be interpreted in any way as a statement against the "Killing Bigfoot" TV series. The Honobia Conference regards the subject of Bigfoot as a serious topic. Part of the discussions anywhere about Bigfoot are always going to include a discussion on what evidence will be needed to prove to the scientific establishment and to academia that Bigfoot does indeed exist. We noticed this statement on the "Killing Bigfoot" Facebook page... "...the no-kill group who believe Bigfoot is human-like and should only be communicated with, from afar and be left alone: they will have their day and will be heard loud and clear in the series." The Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff realizes full well the explosive nature of the subject but does not expect there to be any type of misconduct
from either side of a debate. Please come join us at Honobia! Everyone is welcome to listen to and participate in the discussions, meet the great lineup off guest speakers, including some of the cast from the "Killing Bigfoot" TV series, the show's Producer, Peter Von Puttkamer, and members of his film may even wind up on TV

There are numerous vendors scheduled to be there (30) one will be from the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, they will be on hand to sale their Choctaw Bigfoot shirts.
Make sure you are there Friday night for storytelling. It starts just before sundown, it will be held on the little hill across from the steeltent next to the pavillion.
We have also heard a rumor that one of our staff members has been asked to be on a world wide recognized radio show (Coast to Coast AM) on Saturday September 26th. Soon as we have more details we will post it here on our blog. Time is counting down, see everyone soon.