Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Honobia Bigfoot School Scholarships and Chahta Foundation Join Forces


The Honobia Bigfoot School Scholarship committee has partnered with the Chahta Foundation to offer more scholarships to area students. The Chahta Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Choctaws achieve higher levels of education. This has expanded the Honobia Bigfoot Scholarships greatly. This year's scholarship winners are seen below:

(Battiest High School are Holly Young and Nakia Leal)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship presenting)

(Talihina High School are Domnic Shedd and Mackenzie Green)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship presenting)

(Buffalo Valley High School are Nick Knowles and Garrett Pinkey)
(Stephen Kinsey, Honobia Bigfoot Scholarship Presenting)

(Clayton High School are Sadie Garrison and Bobbie Kirkland)

(Smithville High School are Lexie Burcham and Elijah Brown)

Special Thank You to Stephen Kinsey for his timeless devotion to the Bigfoot School Scholarship program, he has done a outstanding job making sure these students obtain financial support for the future.