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2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speaker Ron Morehead

Ron Morehead is an ‘adventurist’; a positive ‘someone’ who loves life, but often lives it on the edge.  As a SCUBA diver, he swam with the hammerhead sharks, has been filmed in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean riding the backs of giant manta rays, and been a safety diver for the filming of Right whales in Patagonia. 
As a private pilot, Ron has flown his own aircraft from the Alaskan bush to the Costa Rican jungle. Besides travelling to the ancient Mayan civilizations in the Yucatan, he has also flown into a remote jungle area of Chiapas (Southern Mexico) on an anonymous Mayan discovery expedition.  What he saw was thought to be one of the last remaining strong-holds of the Mayan people.  He has ventured into Western Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve to help assess the tiger population, explored the jungles of Bardiya on elephants, and been in the wilderness of Siberia looking for evidence of the Russian Yeti.  He has made two trips in South America exploring the enigmatic structures and the non-human remains of the pre-Inca people. Over the years Ron has been interviewed by several radio programs and has been televised by the BBC and other learning channels.  He was a guest speaker at the Darwin Museum in Moscow (Russia) and for years he has given presentations at symposiums and conferences about his Bigfoot/Sasquatch experiences.  He has openly shared his knowledge and accounts with others.  His book, “Voices in the Wilderness,” chronicles his 40 years of researching the enigma. He has produced two CDs with actual Bigfoot vocalizations, focusing on the interaction he and others had with these forest giants. 

As a successful businessman, and a father of four, his entrepreneurism has afforded him the time and means to do many things.  He doesn’t consider himself an active participant in a man-made religion, but is deeply spiritual, and yet he can be a classic ‘bad boy’.  Besides being a gifted entertainer-musician, his incredible life as a speaker has taken him worldwide. Unlike most of our culture, Ron has learned to live with nature on its terms and not attempt to conquer it.  His story about Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a chronicle that has drawn much attention over the last 40-years. It’s a true story and he says that it’s been the biggest adventure of his lifetime. As an independent and free spirit, Ron (my dad) has had, and is still having, a remarkable life – anything but ordinary – that’s for sure. 

Rachelle (Morehead) Araque, daughter 

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Investigative File Case (October 30th, 2013) 011-2014 "Child Observes Possible Bigfoot w/Language" (Honobia, Ok)

Open and Closed Case File  011-2014

Location: SE Oklahoma, Pushmataha County, Near Honobia, Oklahoma

Case Type: Child Observes what is to believed to be a Bigfoot with language spoken

Time Frame: October 30th, 2013

Investigator: Troy Hudson, Sasquatch Genome Project

On 6-19-2014 I was contacted by Mr. ******* that lives near Honobia, Oklahoma to report strange events that have occurred at his rural home. During preliminary investigation it was discovered that one of the children at the residence observed what she said was a bear and it spoke something like Spanish or Indian language towards her. This investigation case will cover this event related to Case File 010-2014.

Interview of child in the presence of her parents. Child (Age with held due to parents request). The child is very articulate and very observant to her surroundings. Through visual acuity testing presentations, the child was able to discern between different animals. The child describes the events that occurred on 10-30-2014. While outside playing at or around 7:39 PM near the back side of the house, she heard a loud noise as she described as a "huff" or a "grunt" come from the woods. She then looked in the direction of the sound and she observed what she describes as a bear that was stood as tall as her father in her own words. She went onto say that she looked right at it's face and saw the lips move and a sound as she described as Spanish or what Indians speak in the movies. She also indicated that there was hair all over it's chest and shoulders, it's face was very dark almost black and it had a face of that was rough looking. This is when the child stopped and started to cry, her mother held her to calm her down, when the mother told her it was ok and she didn't have to say anything else. The child pointed towards her own face and said "the face looked like a man, like us" at this point I terminated the interview with the child not wanting to cause any type of stress towards the child. It was obvious after the child recalled the event in her mind she realized that what she saw had a human like face and that she also realized that it was not a bear and that it actually spoke something to her. The child is old enough to recognize that almost nothing in the woods stands up like a human and speaks a language that in my opinion what caused the child to cry and get upset.

I conducted a re-enactment of the event with the assistance of the parents. The location to where the child was playing and where it was estimated the possible Bigfoot was standing would have been roughly 60 yards. There was a broken tree limb above where the possible Bigfoot was standing and it was measured right at 10 feet from the ground. The child indicates where the top of the head was, that was estimated to be right at 9 and 1/2 feet from the ground. The location where the possible Bigfoot was standing is a heavily wooded area with large amounts of bushes and undergrowth of vines. This exact spot would give a great concealment location for anyone to stand and not be seen by anyone at the back of the house or looking out any of the windows towards this exact spot. It is this investigators belief that there is a particular reason the possible Bigfoot exposed it self and made verbal speech towards the child. The exact spot the child said it was standing has total concealment and that you would have to move into a spot to expose yourself on purpose. The child described the words only as she remembered as "italamaka" it paused and continued with "onamana" she said this may all have taken place in a matter of seconds and then it turned at disappeared behind the bushes, she said she never heard a sound as if it walked away. The child went into the house and to her room and that is when she decided she would not tell her parents for the fear that she would get into trouble. I asked the parents along with the child if the dogs where with her. They said no, the child said the dogs where in the front yard laying down. My conclusion as to indicated that the child is telling the truth, I have investigated two other similar events just like this over the past 8 years. I have also read other countless investigations with similar accounts to the same type of incidents with children. The mother had relayed something that she heard one night, as she remembered it was in the winter and it was cold outside, just her and the dogs were walking from the mailbox back to the house. She indicated it may have been just before sunset. She heard a voice off in the woods to the east of her driveway something what sounded like a small child giggling and saying something similar to "Hello". She said it sounded like it was back in the woods far enough where she could her it but not make out what it really said. She thought it was her children playing in the woods. When she entered the house and called for her children. All of them came into the living room, she accounted for all of them and went on about her daily activities. Now she remembers that her dogs looked in the direction of the voice she heard and that they started to whine and got really close to her feet and that she had hard time walking because the dogs seemed to be startled by the noises that were coming from the woods.

Investigators Investigative Notes/Conclusion"

It is my belief that the child and mother has heard/observed something that can not be explained. There is a high probability that the child did observe something that only she can describe what she saw and heard. The mother's accounts of what she heard, only leaves this investigator to add this investigation to the countless accounts of witnesses that have had similar incidents. This investigator has had his own experiences that would be hard for me to excuse any other explanation to what occurred with the child and mother. Proper investigative techniques and plausible reason would led any person to believe that these are misidentified events and can be explained with reason. This investigation file is considered closed and is only considered a investigative tool in the event future similar events occur with this family.

Case Status: Closed

For more information on Bigfoot/Sasquatch Language please log onto:

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Where is Honobia, Oklahoma?

Pronounced by some as "Hono-bee" or "Hon-nubee" or even "Hono-beah". Depending if you are from Honobia or have heard others say it. The truth about the proper name of Honobia rest in the traditional nature of the Choctaw people. Honobia is a Choctaw word, but with the traditional nature of many languages from the around the world. One word (Name) can have several meanings depending in what text it was meant to have or at what situation it was named for. One indication by some historical records it was named after a Choctaw Indian that was one of the original "allotee's" just after the "Trail of Tears". Years of research have discovered there are many maps with Honobia listed and there are maps that jump several decades with Honobia not listed. (See maps below for examples) Earliest map with Honobia is 1922, several older maps indicated that there were no roads in and out of the Honobia area. Some Choctaw Nation oral history indicates that there was a settlement of the Choctaw people in Honobia (that suggest where Christ 40 acres, Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission is now) as early as 1830-1831. Oral history also suggest that there was evidence of people that had lived in the region well before the Choctaw people. Historical records view that the Caddo Indians were habitants of the regions hundreds of years before the Choctaw Indians. Research from talking with Caddo elders and historians are reluctant to say but suggest that there were "tall-hairy" people like creatures that roamed the SE Oklahoma and East Texas areas.

Most Indian Nation Tribes rely on oral history for documentation. How much is error or how much is fact? That is the question, regardless of what is said and not said, just about 6 out of 10 North America Indian Tribes of Nations give accounts to "tall-hairy" people like creatures that their ancestors came across through the decades. Honobia, Oklahoma has deep and very old history still awaiting to be discovered. It is one of the last areas of S.E. Oklahoma that is coming into the 21st Century. The Honobia Valley area just received a cell phone tower just couple of years ago. 50% of people in the area do not have internet and there are no grocery stores, no gas stations, and no traffic. It is one of the most remote locations in the state for the experience of seeing bear, mountain lions, elk, and even maybe a Bigfoot cross in front of you as you drive down the road. There are many local Honobians (Residents of Honobia) that are working very close with the conference, along with several historians of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma to verify the actual naming of the community of Honobia.  Come to the story telling so you can experience the history and the current traditions of Honobia, Oklahoma.

Choctaw Nation (1887) (Notice the Seven Devils Mountains in the right corner of the map)

Another map of the Honobia Valley. (Notice the name Hatobi, that is were Honobia is south of Talihina)

Kiamichi Mountains-Honobia Valley (1893)

Honobia Valley Today (2014)

What is Okla Chito?

Referred to in an earlier post, "Okla Chito" is a phrase of two Choctaw words used together to describe the Bigfoot/Sasquatch. "Okla Chito"= Big People. The State of Oklahoma is named from the two Choctaw words "Okla" and "Homma" meaning "Red People". Being that Honobia is arguably in the center of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma it is only fitting to describe the Bigfoot as what they really are "Big People". Now not everyone feels or believes the same way. But if you ask most elders of any Indian Nation in North America you may hear the words, "people" tribe" and "old ones". Just about 96% of most native tribes here in North America and with respect to others world wide they believe in their culture that Bigfoot/Sasquatch is a type of tribe of people long forgotten and has significant reason why they are here on earth. Together with science and traditions of some tribal nations if not just about all tribal nations from around the world indicated through their names given that they are just another tribe of people. Who could start to think there really is the possibility that the Bigfoot are a type of people. The science comes from what is called the Sasquatch Genome Project (Website link below) the project has come under extreme scrutiny from both the scientific and Bigfoot research community. Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speakers and Organizers are not here to argue the validity of the project, however couple of members are connected to the project and have been for several years. The Sasquatch Genome Project is currently working on several other projects and just recently have received some very positive and eye opening interest from several other scientific leaders that have expertise in DNA and Forensics.

We are not trying to get anyone to share, believe, or change their way of belief about the Bigfoot/Sasquatch. We are only suggesting that here in Oklahoma, some of the Tribal Elders as well as some residents believe that the Bigfoot are a type of people. You will here in some of the speakers present this from time to time. Come and listen to why they believe this, one speaker will explain his experience with them while being in the field off and on for more than 8 years and learning what their DNA has to say about what they really are. Some speakers have spent countless hours in the field together and have the same story to tell about what they saw and heard. You will also find like no other Bigfoot venue/conference that some of these speakers have completely different belief's and outlooks about the Bigfoot, but some how they maintain a close friendship and work well with each other, in similar situations this causes other people to have bitter feelings and extreme arguments towards one another. Honobia Conference speakers are with mixed and diverse backgrounds, military, law enforcement, university faculty, and together they have decades of field research with countless hours of observations of the Bigfoot. If you want to read more about the Bigfoot DNA log onto

Here Scott Nelson and Dave Paulides from the 2011 Honobia Bigfoot Conference

Looking East through the Honobia/Little River Valley

David Paulides speaking at Honobia Conference
What is referred to as a Stick Formation (SE Oklahoma)

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2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speaker/Lead Organizer Farlan Huff

Farlan Huff is a Native Oklahoman whose interest in Bigfoot came to him well after his first
Bigfoot encounters as a young boy and teenager. He began conducting his own Bigfoot field research after a successful attempt to have a Bigfoot encounter during the Summer of 2004 while visiting the Arbuckle Mountains area of Oklahoma. Now, ten years later Farlan is quick to point out that he does not possess a background in Science nor even a college degree and comments, "It's not up to me to convince anyone of Bigfoot's existence, but I am very eager to share some of what I have learned." That having been said, he is still confident in his knowledge about Bigfoot and feels fortunate in having met several seasoned Bigfoot Field Researchers and educated men of science who have shared some of their own discoveries and ideas about Bigfoot with him. A theme common among many Bigfoot researchers is lifelong friendships being forged along the way due to a common interest in Bigfoot. Farlan claims that he is more comfortable referring to himself as a Bigfoot Enthusiast verses a Bigfoot Field Researcher. He believes DNA samples will someday prove not only Bigfoot's existence, but that they are very Human. Beyond this, he states that conclusive scientific proof of Bigfoot's existence won't make them any easier to see, never mind allowing researchers to study them up close. "I have come to believe Bigfoot will prove to be a type of people with their own languages, cultures and philosophies and not merely an unidentified Hominin.", says Farlan, adding, "This claim will be a hard pill for most to swallow and beyond difficult for mainstream science to ever quantify." When asked what is the most important thing he has gained from his Bigfoot research, Farlan answers with, "Their trust...and it would kill me to ever betray this trust." 

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Honobia's Historical Bigfoot is Known Worldwide

Honobia, Oklahoma is most known for it's rich Bigfoot History. The 2002 TV Documentary about Bigfoot in SE Oklahoma gives majority of it's accounts from the Honobia region. ( In the years from 2005-2009 Conference Speaker/Organizer Troy Hudson attended, organized, and led Bigfoot Expeditions in the Honobia Valley for a well known Bigfoot research organization. These expeditions discovered not only a abnormal amount of Bigfoot believers, but numerous witnesses to Bigfoot. This area has a very large native Choctaw Indian heritage within the local residents. Many Honobian's give stories of their ancestors that were some of the original residents of SE Oklahoma. There are stories of Bigfoot and the Choctaw Indians that go back more than 180 years. Most interesting stories are those that say when the 1st Choctaw Removal (see link below) was completed that there were people already living in the Kiamichi Mountains of Oklahoma. Organizer Troy Hudson is not a stranger to these mountains, he was born and raised in SE Oklahoma. Troy also has Native Indian family heritage that has roots to pre-Oklahoma state hood. Troy will be sharing the stage with local Folklore/Legends College Professor Marvin Leeper that will be sure to give you the most intriguing thoughts as to who and what the Bigfoot may really be. Because of the TV documentary and heavily publicized conference over the years there has been conference attendees from as far as Sweden and British Columbia. You say the words Ho-Nubby (Honobia) people will say Bigfoot. It is really known world wide.

The history of the Kiamichi Mountains are as old as the Rocky Mountains. According to geologist the Kiamichi Mountain range was once as tall as the Rocky Mountains and stretched hundreds of miles east to west. Many local residents that have generation after generation of oral history to the area claim that the Bigfoot or "Okla Chito" have been here just as long as the American Indian has been here. Stories slide from one side to another about why they are here and what their purpose is. Make no mistake about it the population of how many Bigfoots are in the Kiamichi Mountains will blow your mind. Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission was established more than 60 years ago (see link below) and it is said that on the small hill on the North end of the property where the past Bigfoot Conference story telling has been held, is believed to be where numerous Choctaw Indians reunited after separating in the most eastern part of the Kiamichi Mountains during their track west into the Indian Territory. Now with all that has been said here, you may start to think why Honobia, Oklahoma is such a great spot to have a Bigfoot Conference. Some of the conference speakers spend a great deal of time year around here in the Honobia Valley Region conducting private research and historical investigations to the nature of why there are so many Bigfoots that inhabit this region. Come and listen to what they have to say. What you hear can not be found in any book to TV show. Conference speaker schedule will be posted very soon.

Choctaw Removals

Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission

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Why Come to Honobia Bigfoot Conference/KMCM?

There are many reasons why you should come to the conference being held at the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission campgrounds. This year will be unlike any other year you have ever visited the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. This conference is being organized and led by some of the original founders of the conference from back in 2005. This conference management are veterans in conference/seminar organization. Speakers are coming from across the country to provide you with the latest information of Bigfoot/Sasquatch scientific and field research. They want you to know what they know and not be misled by phony articles, books, and TV shows. Combined together these speakers have more than 150 years of experience. One area of presentation that everyone wants to know about is the Sasquatch DNA Project. One of our presenters has been working in and around the Sasquatch Genome Project. This speaker will share what he knows and what participation he has been involved with regarding the Sasquatch DNA.

The Story Telling will be another big attraction. During the 2010 conference we stopped counting at over 250 people at the story telling on the hill at KMCM. Do not miss this year, the organizers have been working over time in the field with their prospective research areas and have some awesome stories to tell. Come and share with us if you have any great stories to tell about the Bigfoot. Organizers will share with you what steps they have taken to succeed in the acceptance of proof in their own minds that Bigfoot is real and what you hear and see on TV is incorrect about the population numbers and if they are dangerous or not.

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2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speaker/Organizer Troy Hudson

Troy Hudson, a Native Born Oklahoman from the Henryetta area. Troy grew up around the Honobia valley area and is well known by the residents to have walked just about every logging road and trail in a 20 mile radius searching for clues and evidence on just where the Bigfoot like to hang out. Troy has been a long time witness of the Sasquatch as well as a Field Investigator/Expedition Organizer for the BFRO from 2005-2009, he led the Honobia Bigfoot Conference for 2 years, and worked independently with several different film projects related to Sasquatch since. Troy has worked on several major investigative projects that included the Lucky Star Casino Video of 2002, Hoax Incident of Caney, Oklahoma in 2006 and re-opened the Honobia Bigfoot Siege of early 2000 in which discovered some interesting incidents that never made it into the original investigation. Troy currently is serving as a Tribal Liaison for the Sasquatch Genome Project. He assists different tribal communities across Oklahoma and several other states that have a interest in the Sasquatch DNA project. Troy has more than 20 years in Law Enforcement and currently serves in Public Safety for a Tribal Nation in Oklahoma.

2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Speaker R. Scott Nelson

Retired from the U.S. Navy as a Crypto-Linguist with over 30 years experience in Foreign Language and Linguistics, including the collection, transcription, analysis and reporting of voice communications.
Scott is a two time graduate of the U.S. Navy Cryptologic Voice Transcription School (Russian and Spanish) and has logged thousands of hours of voice transcription in his target languages as well as in Persian.  He is currently teaching Russian, Spanish, Persian, Philosophy and Comparative Religions at Wentworth College in Missouri.
More information please log onto:
"We have verified that these creatures use language by the human definition of it. The months of hard work that we have put into the study of the Berry/Morehead tapes is finally coming to fruition. The analysis is finished, although I am still working on parts of the final write-up such as frequency count tables, morpheme lists, etc.
I believe that the study of these tapes will never (and should never) end. With the recognition and acceptance that these creatures do indeed speak and understand a complex language, a greater effort will be made to collect voice recordings and our analysis of the language will improve. Now that we have a precedent and techniques established for this study, this process will certainly become easier"
Scott Nelson

Honobia Okla Chito (KMCM)

Hello Everyone

 This is the official original Honobia Bigfoot Conference Blog. In partnership with the Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission we would like to invite everyone out to Honobia, Oklahoma on the weekend of October 3rd, 4th, and 5th for this years (2014) Bigfoot Conference. We are in the major portion of our planning and organizational development of the conference. The name Okla Chito is one way in the Choctaw Language to say "Big People". Honobia is in the heart of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission is an historical claim to the people of the Choctaw Nation (See future posts about the significance of location where KMCM is located). Keep checking back with us for more information. However here is the current line up for the speakers for this years conference.

R. Scott Nelson (Bigfoot Language)

Ron Morehead (Sasquatch Recordings/Sierra Souds)

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Ph.D (Sasquatch Footprints/Anatomy)

Marvin Leeper (Legends/Folklore)

Farlan Huff (Bigfoot Research/Conference Organizer)

Troy Hudson (Sasquatch Genome Project/Honobia Bigfoot/Conference Organizer)