Thursday, March 19, 2015

Interview with a Tribal Elder (Oklahoma) #2015-02

This particular interview was conducted in the early fall of 2012. The Tribal Elder lives in western Oklahoma, however resides in SE Oklahoma. He was introduced to one of our conference staff/investigators just after the 2011 Honobia Bigfoot Conference. The interview took just over a  year to plan due to the Tribal Elder's reluctance to talk to any about Bigfoot he didn't know personally. Names and locations have been changed to protect the privacy of the Tribal Elder and others related to these events.

Article S-OK #2015-02

Location- SE Oklahoma near Coal County

Time: Late Afternoon (November)

Purpose of interview: This particular Tribal Elder was put in contact with a investigative member of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff for the sole reason for the Elder to share his knowledge of the Sasquatch. Interview as follows:

Investigator: It is great to meet your Sir and my name is (********) and I understand you have some knowledge that you have been holding onto for many years. (Respect offering was handed to the elder, small bag of tobacco).    

Elder: Good morning, (********) and yes I was told you had respect to the people and you were someone I could trust. What is this? (look at the small bag)

Investigator: I was raised this way, this is a offering of my gratitude and respect.

Elder: (He looked at he bag and back at me)....said I am very touched, (took the small bag and put it in his shirt pocket)...paused...what would you like to know.

Investigator: I was raised around a lot of different type of people, mainly tribal family's...I am from (*******) Oklahoma and spent the last 8 years learning all I can about the Tall People, that is what I call them. I have heard from many different tribal communities and I am always interested in what others say or feel about the Tall People.

Elder: You are correct that you call them Tall People. I was always told they are a people. Some of my elders from many years ago, called them "The People from the Beginning". They are very old and some people do not understand their position within our ring of life.

Investigator: "Ring of Life", I have heard this, something like a "Circle of Life" the "Medicine Wheel"

Elder: Yes, you understand, the circle of a tribe and family is always connected, it is continuous, but you understand this term?

Investigator: Yes sir, I do, it was described to me by a friends grandfather back when I was very young and I have only heard it used few times by some elders years back.

Elder: That is the problem, this younger generation has no idea of the importance of our way of life and that tradition is being wasted away and the knowledge of our traditions, language, and even the simple way to stay in the "ring of life" is going to be lost soon.

Investigator: Everyone is fascinated by Bigfoot and the whole atmosphere around the search and the science of trying to prove their existence. What is your thoughts of what you know or what you think about trying to prove they are real to the world?

Elder: First let me tell you what I know and I will answer that, it may help you when I answer your question. First you must understand, the knowledge that some of my grandfathers related to Bigfoot or the Heavens is being lost and drifting away, no one has respect for the true knowledge, all people want is something they can use to make a movie or a million dollars off some old Indian that said this is who it was or something like that. My grandfather said that the Sasquatch is only the beginning of this, he called them "The People from the Beginning", I think he called them this because he was relating them to the beginning of time, the beginning of the Red Man, the Indian.
The Great Creator (pointing towards the sky with his finger) God created man and woman, he also had created someone to watch out over us, after the flood, you know the Bible correct?

Investigator: Yes sir I do.

Elder:.........these people (Sasquatch) are not animals to be treated as wild game or hunted, they are living creations of God's most elected, they have a purpose beyond our minds, they are feared because of their abilities and there size, they are what you would called "Giants of the Land" as it is often described in the Bible to some degree. But we have gotten away from tradition and gotten into this TV land of mystery and UFOs and Ghost hunting.

Investigator: I have been around different Bigfoot researchers and even been around some people that try and connect Bigfoot to UFOs. everyone is trying to make millions off the Bigfoot.

Elder:...(held up his hand) let me ask you, what do you think they are?

Investigator: I do believe they are older than we think, I think they were created by God and I do not think they are a monkey or great ape. I think they are here on earth for a reason we can not comprehend as humans, we do not understand these things because we are wrapped up in video games, cell phones and modern daily life to sit and realize our true existence.

Elder:...(he smiled) and pointed at are correct. To answer your first question...right now, our world is not ready to understand Bigfoot, they want to prove it like that lake monster, or UFOs and stuff, what people are not ready for is the truth, see that is what keeps our country from really growing, we have to many secrets and to many fake stories about or history. The Bigfoot is something that should not be chased or hunted. They have way they can protect themselves and people are chasing something that can really harm them, I am not saying break their arm, I am saying they can put the fear of God into you that you will have PTSD.

Investigator: I have talked with many witnesses and heard stories of people never stepping foot into the woods after their experience.

Elder: I know you have seen them, have you ever felt scared or had fear around them?

Investigator: Once I can remember that I was not welcomed and had the urgency to leave, most other times I always have a good experience.

Elder: I understand, most of the time you go to a place and they are already there or it doesn't take long for them to show up?

Investigator: Yes, that is true, I even went out of state to a location I never had been in my life and they showed up in the woods, I think I counted 3-4 dark figures with intense eye shine and several whoops at close range.

Elder: They trust someone like you, see they know your heart and your intentions they know who they want to be around. I can see it in your eyes you have a respect for them and for the understanding of life that some people will never grasp.

Investigator: What is your thoughts on their actual age and how long they live?

Elder: My grandfather and my uncle described one they use to see out near (*****) Western Oklahoma, they described the scar on its face and the way the color of his hair was, that was more than 65 years ago, and at that time the Bigfoot had been seen by other people prior to that, well it was just seen by two other elders about 40 miles from my grandfather's place two years ago. It is said this big male, maybe 10ft tall has been around our area for more than 80 years. I understand them to live more than 120 years. They don't have our cancer or our fast food, their way of life is the old way of life, their only danger and threat to life is us.

Investigator: I understand that, everyone is threatened by us.

Elder: Your conference is a great thing educated the people, but leave the science and TV to the people in California, do as you have been, learn and help people understand that they are to be left alone and respected, not to be hunted. We will talk more one day, thank you for the gift son (he pointed at his pocket)  

Conclusion: There are a lot of similar things this particular elder said and referred to. It is usually the same with a lot of people. They are to be left alone and respected, there is more to learn, the Tribal Elders of our tribes have knowledge that is not being passed on, I am trying to make it a mission to save the knowledge about the Sasquatch. I know three different tribal communities that have Sasquatch activity near them, the newer age of tribal youth have no interest in the "old ways" they are stuck on Ipods and Facebook. Through various areas of the Sasquatch Genome Project (DNA) there has been several Tribal Elders consulted about there knowledge of the Sasquatch, it seems from all over North America the word is the same, they are a type of People and they were created by the same God that created us. Stay tuned for more interviews.

Insert: Sunset of the Honobia Valley area.