Thursday, March 12, 2015

Interview with a Tribal Elder (SE Oklahoma) #2015-01

This year (2015) we will start a new article called "Sit Down with an Elder" few of our staff have tribal affiliations with two tribal nations within Oklahoma. They have over the last few years conducted "sit downs" interviews with tribal elders from all over Oklahoma. Few have been no more than a friendly exchange of stories that have led to some rather productive sighting investigations in and around tribal property throughout the State of Oklahoma. This first article is about a Tribal Elder that was recently interviewed by one of our staff members just few weeks ago. Certain portions of the names, locations, and descriptions are changed or left out due to the respect and privacy of land owners as well as the request of the Tribal Elder's.

Article SE-OK #2015-01

Location- SE Oklahoma near Atoka County

Time: Late Afternoon (February)

Purpose of interview: This particular Tribal Elder was put in contact with a investigative member of the Honobia Bigfoot Conference staff for the sole reason for the Elder to pass on information about on-going Sasquatch activity at a rural home near far North-Western Pushmataha County/Atoka County Line. Interview as follows:

Investigator: What was your reason to contact me reference these activities at the "______" residence?

Elder: I visited the Honobia Bigfoot Festival few years ago and I observed you speak and I know you are very familiar with the Sasquatch. I wanted you and your team to understand more of what is really going on in our woods. Maybe your already know, maybe you don't.

Investigator: Sir, I am very deeply moved with your confidence in me and allowing me to listen to your wisdom on this matter, thank you and Yakoke. (I gave my respect offering, it is always a tradition that when you visit an Tribal Elder to bring a offering, such as tobacco or fruit/vegetables basket of something similar to show respect your respect to them allowing you to be there)

Elder: I grew up here in SE Oklahoma, as I was a child I was told of many legends of our tribe. There are so many people just ignore and see as a fantasy in the Indian's mind. See people think the old Indians are made up of living in the past and not in touch with today's reality. Our history is what brought us here and our history is what made us who we are. Legends or made up spirit mombo jumbo what ever they want to call it is real. The "spirit walkers" the "shiftshapers" "shadow people" and the "bigfoot" as the TV calls Sasquatch.

Investigator: I see the people's faces when I have talked about the spiritual aspects of our world that has a connection to the Sasquatch and their face tell me, they are just not interested or they think this is what I read in a book or heard a Elder tell me sitting at a campfire while we drum and sing. People sometimes just think we make all this stuff up to sale tickets to our conference or to sale a book.

Elder:(He raised his hand as if for me to stop) They will never understand unless they have seen it, or have the experience you and I have had. See people are so caught up in technology and what is going on in China or Russia, they hardly care what goes on in our own backyards.

Investigator: I understand there is a family not far from here that has some really strange things going on?

Elder: Yes, they do not want anyone at there land and they do not want there names told.

Investigator: I understand.

Elder: These people are my blood (means they are relatives of the elder)The activity started back in early 1990s with strange sounds, human like screams and whistles near their home, either late in the evening or just after sunrise. The kids often describe seeing standing bears in the woods near the property fence line. The father had asked me back then one night if Bigfoot was in his neck of the woods. I told him, the Bigfoot are where ever they want to be.

Investigator: When was the first time the father actually got to see one?

Elder: It was I think either the summer or fall of 1994-95, I know it was because it was in and around the time of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Investigator: Who all in the family has seen them?

Elder: Everyone over the years, and here just before Christmas I was there and saw one at the edge of the woods near the road. (The elder lowered his head and raised it) these things are very powerful, you see they are not from here, they are here however to help us, we are just missing the message, we are not paying attention to our world and what it means to live in and on it.

Investigator: You mean ignore the whole reason why God put us on this earth? Why the Bigfoot are even here and why they appear to certain people?

Elder: Yes, you know, you and few others know the why and you have tried to explain it to people, but they just turn around and laugh as they walk away thinking your just a "Indian wanabe" and your are caught up in the Bigfoot/Redman Indian dreams.

Investigator: Yes I have heard some rather funny labels and nicknames given to me over the years. But, go on please....

Elder: See the Tall People as you have been heard to say, is rather a proper name, most people see them as a monkey or missing link, they are a tribe of people, they have their own rituals, their own customs, they have even their own way they bury their dead. That is a culture, a tribe. I heard one of our own Elders say way back when I was a kid that the "tree people" as he called them were not here to scare us they are here to watch over us. They are much like us, they have similar problems as we do, but they will not help us because we have walked away from our own path. Do you understand?

Investigator: Yes Sir, we as a people have taken the meaning of "walking the path" the "red road" and taking everything for granted and not paying attention to what the Creator-God has done for us, I believe that the "Sasquatch" are a creations such as we are and that they have a purpose and we have a purpose but our co-purpose have gone different directions. I understand that their are references in the Bible about Sasquatch type-looking creatures, but no mention of the real identification. People laugh at the implications and really try and take a scientific approach to their existence.

Elder: We will talk about the Bible and why they are created another time, to much to tell you here and now. The people living at this property have their hands full with the whole thing that the Sasquatch that moves about in these mountains, you see the Kiamichi and whole area of Oklahoma (pointing over his head and making a circle with his finger) are home to the Sasquatch and have been before we lived here. The family has seen so much of them and one night back, oh, maybe 5-6 years ago saw a very large one, they nicknamed "grandpa" he moved slow and slumped over, they said he was maybe about 9-10ft tall, they saw two different size females, their bodies are similar to ours, but just with more hair, they saw small ones like small children maybe 6-7 years old, and heard a dog bark and some of them turn around looking towards the ground clapping their hands as if how we do it when our family dog is walking with us in the woods. This time of day was just after sundown and it was still little light to barley see them in the woods, they are maybe 20-30 yards back just inside the woods near the family home. Their dog was tied up in the back yard and was barking crazy and trying to pull the pole down it was tied too. They said they watched them walk past, and disappear out of sight within few seconds.

Investigator: Could they hear them talking, or chatter?

Elder: One of the kids said they thought they heard some type of Spanish or French, their dog was barking so much they could barley hear them, but they said they could hear another dog barking from the direction of the Sasquatch in the woods.

Investigator: Interesting I have heard of reports of dogs being seen with Sasquatch.

Elder:(He laughs) Yes remember they have same feelings we do, they want companionship as we do, the dog is perfect, it has no video games and no TV, it is there for your love and friendship, see what I mean about us humans?

Investigator: Yes, it is perfectly said, we pay attention to our technology more than we pay attention to our friendship with each other and or animals that call us family.

Elder: I must run, but I will tell you this so you can think on it until the next time we talk, look at our lives how they are now, how did we live back then without TV and video games, what did we do then to survive, have we given up our way of life for quick pleasure or easy living. Next time we visit I will tell you why most people will never say they saw a Bigfoot, they are scared at what people will say to them. (He turned and walked away)

Conclusion: This "sit-down" was scheduled by someone that knew the elder and the investigator. The second interview was conducted just few days to this posting, it will be posted on this blog soon. More interviews will be posted in the future, and remember our Honobia Bigfoot Conference dates are October 2nd and 3rd 2015.

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