Thursday, October 11, 2018

Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival (Investigation)

The Honobia Bigfoot Conference and Festival 2018 was another great success.  There was a great line-up of speakers, Jerry Hestand, Lyle Blackburn, M.K. Davis, Ken Gerhard, and last minute arrival of Russian Bigfoot Researcher Igor Burtsev.

The most interesting event was the tracks found on the church mission property where the conference and festival his held.  Some of the conference staff arrive many days early to get things prepared for the events. On Thursday October 4th one of the Church Mission staff members discovered some interesting tracks on the property down below the main portions of the property near the river, which runs parallel to the property line. One of the conference staff members went with the church staff member to investigate the tracks, upon closer inspection it was determine that the tracks were not left by anyone from the property since the whereabouts of everyone were known for the past 24 hours. The church staff member frequents this area scouting for hog and deer. Members of the conference staff are also field investigators for the Native Oklahoma Bigfoot Research Organization. They also were summoned to examine the tracks, a casting of two of the tracks were performed which resulted in detailed evidence that these track were not of human foot anatomy. The tracks were left by something with a 16 inch by 9 inch with a wide area up near the ball of the foot. This is not consistent with human feet anatomy. Again a detailed account to as where everyone was on the property during the past 24 hrs was accounted for. In addition the church staff member had been down in this exact location the day before and did not observe these tracks prior to their discover the morning of Oct 4th. A total of 6 tracks were found but only two were worth casting.

Speakers talk with conference goers

Jerry Hestand presenting

Igor Burtsev with one of the staff members

One of the tracks found on Oct 4

One of the staff members showing off the casts of the tracks from Oct 4th