Sunday, July 7, 2019

We are Back!

Good Afternoon Everyone

Sorry for the long delay in posting any reports or stories. Some of our staff are involved in disaster response and public safety. We have been busy since first of the year. Just wanted to let you know we are not lost or forgotten our readers and fans. Here is a brief update and things to come....

We are looking forward to this years 2019 Honobia Bigfoot Conference, whole line of speakers for this years can be found on the Honobia Bigfoot Website.

We have few new investigators to help out with the reports that are coming in. Look for their bios and what areas they cover in a few days. The Oklahoma sightings and reports have slowed down over the past few months due to the weather. No worries though we still have reports coming in here and there look for those soon. We also have a few public events coming down towards the end of the year, we will post info soon as we have confirmed dates and locations. Stay safe and have a great summer, check back soon we will update as soon as possible.

(One of our investigators speaking at a tribal event in Wisconsin last November)

(Print casts taken by one of our investigators last year just before the Honobia Conference)